The question is… “How good can you STAND it?”

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Imagine having the radiantly healthy, energized body of your
dreams that plays to your strengths AND being wildly
abundantly successful in your career and creativity!

Introducing the...

“Radiant Body Soaring Spirit Program” 

8 Incredible Months to Transform Your Body, Expand Your Creativity and Step Into Your Power as a Woman to
Manifest All You Desire

Listen to a special audio message from me and receive a beautiful
BODY & LIFE guided visualization!

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From the desk of Amanda Moxley
Wednesday 11 AM

Dear Radiant Woman,

  • Do you want your “outer reflection” to match your inner being?
  • Are you ready to transform your body into the light body you know is yours?
  • Are you ready to feel comfortable and content in your body and never have to worry about feeling “fat” again?
  • Are you ready to play full out in all areas of your life in a way that manifests your clear intentions into reality easily and joyfully?
  • Are you ready to unleash your creativity in such a way that work becomes simple and easy while manifesting windfalls of abundance of time, energy and prosperity?
  • Do you know in your heart of hearts that NOW is YOUR time to go after your goals in a I can do it no matter what” approach, relinquishing all fears and doubts while living courageously connected to your Source?

Will 2010 be the year you say “I did it?”

Amanda MoxleyHi, I’m Amanda Moxley, and I’ve been on the healing with whole foods spiritual - personal development path for over thirteen years.  I combine my expertise from being an integrative body and soul health coach, a yoga teacher, with a social work masters degree plus individualized  motivational techniques with much, much more to guide and unleash all the areas that are limiting and blocking you from having all that you desire in body, mind and spirit.

What I know without a shadow of a doubt after coaching and teaching hundreds of women and men around their food, body image and career is that when you release food and body issues, heal emotional eating and self sabotage eating patterns with the help of your Spirit’s guidance you can easily release excess emotional and physical weight. You also create a cleansing space for your dreams to manifest and step into the life of your deepest desires then life becomes magical and free.

beachIf you have reached a place in your own food, body and life journey where you are ready for MORE, if you are ready to make 2010 the year where all of life comes to you with ease, joy and glory, where you pull out all of the stops and seriously claim your brilliance in Body, Mind and Spirit, while living fully connected to your Source energy, then I have created the perfect program for you.

“Will you be coming with me?”

It’s time to be the light you seek, to feel your best, look your best, and be your best in Body, Life and Spirit so that you can have the life you were born to live! You didn’t sign up to live some “average, normal life”! You are not here to “play it safe”, “take your time” and “hope”! You came here to PLAY BIG on all levels and to be totally free and liberated in this physical, beautiful body you have been gifted.

And I’m here to show you how!

Cate Brabson“Amanda brings together a wealth of information to combat these food ‘addictions’ by combining a nutritional underpinning with a spiritual and psychological perspective. What I found most enjoyable was how each session seemed personalized to my unique needs. Amanda sought the answers for my complex, personal circumstances. If you are willing to dig deep, you will be shocked at what you find.

Cate Brabson, Park City Utah, USA

Your Personal Invitation:

woman with flowerThis exclusive program is for the courageous woman who is ready to up-level her body, lifestyle, way of eating and to fully unleash her creativity to manifest the body, business and life of her dreams so that she can share her brilliance with the world, her family (ancestors and future generations to come). This is for the woman who wishes to be the change she wishes to see in the world. She knows in every cell and fiber of her being that the time is now and feels the urgency of the hour to wake up to her truest potential in mind, body and Soul.

The evolution of our planet and we as a people have come to a breaking point.

The time is now, today is the day to claim your brilliance.

The world is waiting for you to Shine, Are you willing?

Andrea Bernstein“Your whole being approach awakened an understanding in me like never before. More than cleansing the physical body, you have reminded me how important it is to shed my old limiting beliefs and emotional baggage; to nurture myself and focus on living fully, in every aspect of my life. I now realize that nourishment comes from more than just the food I eat; it is in my relationships, my work and how I care for myself, both physically and spiritually. You are an incredible light! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me to shed more than pounds.

Andrea Bernstein, Salt Lake City Utah

Here are the awesome and juicy components of the
Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program:

Walk with me as I share with you all of the juicy and delicious components of this incredible 8 month evolution program….

Month 1: Cleansing and Creating Space for your ideal Body, Biz and Life!

foodWe begin our journey together in the beautiful sweet month of May. This month is all about weeding out all that is not in alignment with your brilliance and your highest vision for yourself. You’ll set the stage and create sacred space within and without for your amazing adventure ahead. We start with a potent 4 day cleanse experience designed to jump start the transformation to your ideal body leaving you feeling confident, inspired and empowered.

  • I’ll lead you through a potent 4 day rejuvenating living foods cleanse experience to release toxins, excess weight, negative emotions and limiting beliefs while uplifting and energizing your entire being in a way that will reconnect you to your Spirit-be ready for your Spirit to soar!
  • This cleanse will inspire you to let go of the “old you” in order to make space for the “new you” to manifest. You’ll go on a de-cluttering, cleansing mission of your house, car, office, kitchen, closets etc., releasing the old.  This process is unbelievably energizing and liberating!

Month Two: Creating Your Energizing Vision

meadowIn June 2010, now we all come together with a fresh and clean slate from the cleanse experience for an unforgettable three day live retreat in the beautiful mountains surrounding Salt Lake City, Utah. You’ll leave the retreat reenergized and awake with total clarity and unwavering confidence in knowing how to manifest your Vision for your ideal body, work and life balance. Your retreat includes daily yoga, hands on healthy and easy cooking classes, meditation, mindful eating, and inspiring guest speakers on image, life purpose and spirituality. You’ll also have down time to integrate, brain storm, and be.

  • You’ll create a clearly defined energizing intention as well as your big bold juicy goal for your Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program.
  • I’ll guide you through a visualization to meet your future Radiant Self. This Vision will powerfully pull you forward into your light body and will give you the answers you need to know about what foods make you soar, the exercises your body desires, the thoughts that fuel your spirit, and the work and creations you are meant to manifest now.
  • You’ll have space for your creativity to come alive by tapping into your passion so that you can radiate success and prosperity in your career
  • We’ll strengthen our bond as a community by sharing, listening, learning, believing and seeing everyone for who they truly are in their highest potential
  • You’ll be paired up with the perfect “buddy” to keep you accountable to the Vision, goals and intentions you’ve defined for yourself.  With support like this you will be unstoppable!

Month Three: Breathing Life into Your Vision

girl looking up

It’s July 2010 and our third month together. You’ll still be flying high from our live in person retreat, feeling totally supported, in action and accountable to your Vision, goals and dreams. This month is all about breathing life into your vision and having the space to allow your Vision to manifest.

  • Learning how to consciously breathe is one of the very best skills I can teach you. When you learn to breathe you connect directly to your Spirit. Fear, anxiety, doubts, worries, etc. can NOT live in an oxygenated body. Giving yourself one month to breathe may be the best gift you’ve ever received. It will add quality years to your life, while giving you happiness, peace and unbounded clarity and freedom.
  • I’ll teach you several different pranayama breathing exercises which you can use for energizing you in the morning, rejuvenating you in the afternoon and relaxing you in the evening so that you can sleep like a baby.
  • Your individual coaching session this month will hone in on your unique and special vision

Month Four: Embracing the Feminine 

In our fourth month, our half way mark it’s time to embrace your feminine, yin energy to create a beautiful work, life and body balance. You as a woman have an innate gift of intuition, receptivity, allowing, being, creativity and a deep inner knowing. The problem is most of us are operating too much in our masculine or male energy all of the time. This leaves you exhausted, burned out, resentful, stressed and struggling to get everything done. When we always say “yes” to everything and put others needs in front of our own we feel empty and no wonder our business is not thriving or our relationships are not as good as we wish them to be or our bodies are over weight. This August, you’ll practice being, allowing, receiving and letting go rather than pushing, planning, doing, achieving, working and stressing. Once you make this necessary energetic shift, your life will unfold in a magical and beautiful way and you’ll open to ease, flow, abundance and grace (without pushing or struggling. Sounds good right?)

  • You’ll practice receiving, allowing and being in order to allow abundance, new opportunities and ease to manifest in your life, creativity and body.
  • You’ll stop pushing and start allowing while moving from your center, confidently and powerfully.
  • I’ll guide you through a powerful meditation to awaken, restore and allow your feminine energy to easily move through you creating more ease and flow in your life.
  • I’ll teach you a myriad of unique ways you can use to easily tap into your feminine yin energy to be able to manifest windfalls of abundance, unlimited creativity in your own unique and brilliant way.

Month Five: Love Your Body

Get ready for a big breakthrough to your ideal body this September as we move into the Love Your Body module. This month is all about shifting the negative body image you may be clinging to from adolescence (or somewhere on your journey) to align with your Vision and your future radiant body.

  • I’ll lead you through a body and life changing “love your body” guided visualization that will unlock years of body hate and set you on track to fully embracing the body of your dreams.
  • This dramatic shift in thought and feeling focus will easily allow your true essence to shine. Unwanted excess weight will melt away.  You’ll feel lighter, happier, and stronger and more at ease in your body than you ever have.
  • By loving your body, you’ll eat differently, move differently and even think differently. (This awareness has the potential to shift everything for you!)

Month Six: Busting Through Fear and Limiting Beliefs!

In our sixth month, you’ll be identifying your deepest fears around food, body, money, success, life and more in naming the monsters in the closet you’ll be able to overcome them courageously. We all have fear, that’s just part of being human. The good news is you don’t have to let fear run your life! You get to choose between love and fear in every moment, I’ll teach you how to slay your monkey mind and come out victorious and on top of the world living in your light.

  • I’ll guide you through a powerful visualization where you’ll meet your Higher Self as well as your Monkey Mind. This will give you tremendous discernment and self empowerment.
  • You’ll identify and name your deepest fears by giving them a cute little name while uncovering why these fears have been unconsciously running your life.
  • You’ll do some powerful inner work to release and overcome these fears forever.

Month Seven: The Magic of Nature Kauai, Hawaii Retreat

KauaiWhile the days are getting shorter, darker and colder in November, we rendezvous in Kauai, Hawaii for our second live retreat experience. In my opinion, Kauai is the most beautiful place on the planet and I can NOT wait to share it’s lush, beauty and energy with you. You’ll leave the retreat totally reenergized, radiant, feeling more alive and connected than you’ve ever felt in your body, mind and spirit. Your retreat includes daily yoga, meditation, mindful eating delicious island food and daily focused group sessions with me building on all we’ve learned and discovered in the past six months. You’ll also have ample down time to integrate, brainstorm and be in the beautiful energy of Kauai.

  • Looking at how far you’ve come, you’ll be able to make any final tweaking, pruning and purifying in order to fully live your vision in business, life and body. You’ll come up with a strategy and a new set of goals to take you over the top and deeper into your light.
  • You’ll drop off any limiting beliefs, and let go of any last self sabotaging behaviors that may be standing in your way.
  • You’ll redefine the question, “How good can you STAND it?” And be perfectly positioned for a higher vibration of creativity, health, abundance, ease and grace.

Month Eight: Moving Forward and Transitioning Away

In our eighth and final month we are going to celebrate and take any last steps in grounding, cementing and solidifying your Vision into reality. You’ll be reviewing how far you’ve come, the transformations you’ve made in body, business and spirit. You’ll own your transformation like a crown jewel. Together we’ll create a plan to nurture your crown jewel in the next phase of life. You’ll know in your heart exactly how you got here and will be ready to make 2011 even more amazing than 2010 (the better it gets, the better it gets!)

  • I’ll take you on a powerful guided visualization where you’ll meet your future Radiant Body and Soaring Spirit Self. This wisdom will supply you with the action steps, insights and intuition you need to go into your next phase.
  • You’ll create a 30 day action plan to get you through the holiday’s and into 2011 feeling radiantly beautiful, alive, energized and focused on your Radiant Body and Soaring Spirit.
  • You’ll create a plan for receiving the support you need moving forward in order to nurture all that was gained this year

Terah Murphy“By balancing my physical body, I was then able and willing to work on my hearts desire for the transformation to my true authentic self. You guided me on a true emotional and spiritual path of recovery and discovery. You showed me how to habituate some processes where I was able to release a lifetime’s worth of anger, fear and resentment and in turn attract loving thoughts, loving people and things into my life. I am now able to be present in my own life in a happy, joyous way. I am free. I am claiming my peace and my authentic life. I am forever grateful.”

Terah Murphy Sun City, Kansas, USA

***Please note! There are ONLY a MAXIMUM of 8 Women accepted into this PRIVATE Group Program!*** 

Only 4 spaces remain

“Is this program for me?”

This program is for you if:

  • Your intuition is telling you are on the cusp of an enormous breakthrough and you just can’t do it on your own, you know not doing it will keep you stuck in a rut, resentful and sad that you didn’t follow your heart. We’ve all let opportunities pass us by and then regretted it later. Now you know it’s your time.
  • You’re ready for a body, mind and life transformation and you’re willing to be decisive, and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams.
  • You have a good basic knowledge of whole foods nutrition, you know that diets don’t work and you know that this is an inner spiritual soul journey
  • You’re excited and want to jump up and down about the possibility of your personal transformation- you have a good glimpse of what you want your life to look like and you’re ready to make the leap!
  • You are motivated to succeed and willing to take action (Action is the key to manifestation!)
  • You’re willing and able to commit 100% to your own growth, show up fully and ask for support
  • You’re willing to try something new and stretch beyond your current experience or knowledge
  • You’re willing to take action even if it might feel scary at times (in an exciting way, scared and excited can be the same thing)
  • You have a dream that you are committed to achieving

This is the place I found myself in this same time last year just after having my baby. I was ready to transform my body to the body of my dreams, (and I did, I released over 40 plus pounds naturally and kept it off) and I wanted to step into my brilliance as a creative, prosperous entrepreneur. I wanted this more than anything. I followed my heart and committed to a body-and life-transforming high end coaching program and now I’m ready to show you the way.

How about you? Where are you right now in your body, life and creativity? Are you tired of playing small, hiding your light (even if only just a little bit?) Is now your time to Shine so bright that others around you need to wear their sunglasses? Are you ready to stand in your brilliance with your arms in the air in gratitude for the precious life you have created?

Let’s make it happen!

If you’ve come this far, and your heart is leaping out of your chest in excitement in knowing that this is your next step, your next aliveness and growth. This feeling is what is guiding you forward in faith fearlessly towards your abundantly beautiful future.

Listen to your heart

Is now your time? Are you ready to play full out?

I need to let you know, that I am only accepting a very intimate core group of women into the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit program and that’s for a reason. I am committed to creating a powerful “tribe” of women who are ready to play big on all levels, women who want it all- the hot and healthy body and to be radiantly successful in their business and creativity so that they can go out and share their brilliance with the world.

It is vital to you and the other women in the group that you are a good fit for the program so it’s by application only so that I can hear your sincere desire and interest for wanting to be in this exclusive program which will catapult you to the body and life of your dreams (yes, dreams DO come true!) I promise you will benefit by applying since the questions will make you dig deep and think about where you desire to go, the application process will give you a boost of energy and will ignite a fire within while calling you to step up in a way you may have never done before.

***There are ONLY a MAXIMUM of 8 Women accepted into this PRIVATE Group Program!***

There are only 4 spaces remaining!

If you’re ready to commit, act now! The Universe likes speed!

To Be Accepted Into The Exclusive Radiant Body Soaring Spirit  Program:

FIRST…please read this letter so you are clear as to HOW this powerful program will benefit you.

THEN…simply complete the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit Program Application and EMAIL back to Amanda

Click here now to print the application

NOTE: You MUST email back your application by Friday, May 7th to be considered for the program!

Once I receive your application, I’ll contact you so we can have a personal conversation on the telephone where you can ask me questions and we can both make sure the program is a fit for you and me (after all, we're going to be spending the next eight months together, closely working on reaching your goals and manifesting your dreams!).  You'll also hear about the payment options you can choose from (I'm sure one will fit your budget).

 Yes! Yes! Amanda!

“I’m ready, excited and can’t wait to commit to myself and begin creating the body, life and biz of my dreams with you as my personal guide and mentor. I’m ready to go for it, do what needs to be done and go after my dreams in a really big way starting NOW! I believe in myself and I know that NOW is my time to Shine!”

The Radiant Body Soaring Spirit Program is an 8-month Commitment (beginning May 1, 2010 and completing
December 31, 2010

I understand that I will receive:

  • 2 Live Group Retreats with Amanda, in the surrounding mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah in June 2010 and the second in Kauai, Hawaii in November 2010 (I’m so excited! It’s hard for me to explain the juiciness of these in-person retreats. I can tell you that it will be unlike any other coaching program or group gathering you have participated in. You’ll actually experience a shift in your consciousness, being in the world, and will leave empowered, confident, recharged, focused and ready to take on the world.) Value $3,000.00

  • Access to an exclusive “tribe” (community) of women who are going for it in all areas of their lives, they are passionate, committed and into this stuff as much as I am and I can’t wait to unite! Value Priceless

  • 8 monthly sixty minute individual private coaching calls with Amanda. I’m excited to tap into her creative, ideas and spiritually-connected style of motivation, inspiration and transformation. (This hour is used to propel you forward, deeper and closer to your goals, dreams and visions in a private, confidential space to help you process and move forward with whatever is uniquely important to you.) Value $1,600.00

  • 8 monthly live group coaching calls with the mp3 downloads available for me within 24 hours of the live call. (You’ll receive monthly teachings and assignments to take your food, body, business and lifestyle to the next level leading you through the core elements of our 8 step journey.) Value $1,600.00

  • 8 monthly live mastermind group calls with the mp3 downloads available for me within 24 hours of the live call. (For this call, the entire group will convene by tele-class to ask whatever questions are coming up for you. These calls are very exciting because you are reconnecting with each other as a group AND the questions that are coming up for you are often the same questions coming up for others. Great bright minds coming together produce great results. You will also receive spot-light laser coaching if you need it-live and on the spot.) Value $1,600.00

  • A strong connection to an exclusive “tribe” of women and will be able to share my intentions, visions, goals, get support and be held accountable in the Radiant Body Soaring Spirit members-only private forum.  (Surrounding yourself with women who believe in you and see you in your Light and Highest potential is priceless. With support like this you will be unstoppable!) Value Priceless

  • The opportunity to participate in a four day cleanse experience led by Amanda (based on my health and Doctor’s recommendation) (The 4 day cleanse experience led by Amanda will renew, revitalize, reenergize and awaken your Body, Mind and Soul. Big transformations can happen with this cleanse. You’ll release excess weight, old emotions, toxins, limiting beliefs in a safe and supported environment together as a group. You’ll shed layers emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually while getting in touch with who you really are.) Value $250.00

  • Monthly accountability tracking forms to track my progress, refine my goals and go after my dreams in a measurable way. (Each month, you’ll make your monthly accountability declaration and post it in the special Radiant Body Soaring Spirit forum. This gives you the motivation and the power to follow through on your commitments and the opportunity to celebrate your successes and the successes of your Radiant Body Soaring Spirit friends!) Value Priceless

  • Direct Email Access (using my private email address) you have direct access to me via my private email address. Value $2,500.00

  • Direct Phone Access you are welcome to call me with your questions. I’ve never had this privilege abused and thus, I am willing to make it available. If you have a pressing question outside of our one-on-one coaching , the group calls or in person retreats, just pick up the phone and call me. Value $2,500.00

  • Accountability with a “buddy” throughout the program to keep you accountable, motivated and moving forward you’ll partner up with a “buddy” throughout the program. Buddy partnerships will rotate once during the program so you have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with more than one buddy. This benefit is priceless and will give you life time friendships with women who see you for who you really are in all of your magnificence and Soul potential! Value Priceless Creating life time friendships with women who get you and believe in you 100 percent is priceless!

Your  Investment

I’ve given you 3 options to choose from to make it easier on you.

Option 1: $4,800 one-time full payment option (including initial deposit)

Option 2: 4 Payments of $975.00 Payment separated by 30 days.
($5,400 Total, including non-refundable deposit of $1,500)

Option 3: 6 Payments of $750. Payments made monthly for 6 months.
($6,000 Total, including non-refundable deposit of $1500)

Remember there are only 4 spots remaining!

If Accepted Into this Intimate Program
Your commitment includes:

  • I understand that because of the nature of this program the application process includes a 20 minute phone conversation with Amanda to make sure that I am a good fit for this program

  • I understand that my payment acts as a non-refundable deposit and that my investment in myself is my commitment to complete this program to the end

  • I understand that I am responsible for my lodging and travel expenses to and from the live retreats (the June retreat near Salt Lake City, Utah and the November retreat in Kauai, Hawaii)

  • Reading this invitation letter and filling out the application

  • Attending the twice-monthly Radiant Body Soaring Spirit group coaching calls and the monthly individual coaching calls with Amanda

  • Supporting your Radiant Body Soaring Spirit friends with your full attention (believing in them, connecting with them and giving honest feedback)

  • Refraining from multi-tasking during calls

  • Being authentic, honest and speaking up for what you want

  • Letting me know about any personal situations that may interfere with your experience in the program

  • Honoring confidentiality both in and out of the specific program calls and events

  • Letting it be okay not to know all the answers (being kind to yourself)

  • Giving yourself permission to just be you!

  • Having a clear intention, topic or goal for each coaching call or event

  • Be willing to take risks, try new things and stretch beyond your current experience

  • Being responsible for your own results, which includes proactively asking for support, scheduling coaching calls and using your program benefits

  • Honoring your investment and the expectations you are making in yourself by handling any situations that may take you away from your experience, being patient with yourself and resting when necessary to periodically “catch up”

  • Honoring our relationship (by being direct, truthful, open and deeply expressive with me we will go farther, faster)

  • Celebrating your wins, shifts, achievements and excitement throughout the program

The Radiant Body Soaring Spirit Begins May 6th with an introductory welcome call

The First Radiant Body Soaring Spirit Topic Call begins Thursday May 13th, 2010 at 4:30 MST

Hillary LeonardMy transformation included, BUT was not limited to, weight loss. Also, the appearance of my skin and hair, and my overall physical and spiritual presence shocked my friends and family who had not seen me since beginning the program. The power of these changes has manifested reversal of circumstances in almost every part of my life: academically, personally, financially, and spiritually. Amanda possesses the unique ability to understand the deepest source of one's unhappiness and frustration. Her incredible talent for understanding the complex needs of her clients and then suggesting necessary steps toward healing is a divine gift. Truly, it is impossible to put into words the magic of having Amanda in your life. Just do it!”

Hilary Leonard , Salt Lake City Utah 

Click here now to print your application and apply today

NOTE: You MUST email back your application by Friday, May 7th to be considered for the program!

If you are ready to live a truly extraordinary life rich in meaning and purpose in a body you love then let’s get started!

As you can see this is a one of a kind life and body transformational program, I’ve created for you, combining the best of radiant health, spirituality, cleansing, Vision, breath work, nature, abundance and community to take you where you are now to exactly where you wish to go to your ideal body living your dream life in the next 8 months.

I am 100% committed to you and your success. I am so excited by the juiciness of this content and can not wait to watch your body, life and spirit evolve as you begin to live your Vision and say “yes” to your dreams.

Commitment is key to your success.

Commitment Poem
By Goethe

 “Whatever you can do,
or dream you can,
begin it. 
Boldness has genius
power and magic in it.”

I’m so excited to play with you and for you to claim your Radiant Body and Soaring Spirit!

Amanda MoxleyLove and radiance,


Angela Johnson“To see Amanda talk her talk and walk her walk is very inspiring. She was a source who inspired me to take affirmations more seriously and totally get into how powerful they are. She assisted me with giving myself permission to have some down time and to pamper myself. The gifts I give myself start the ripple of the gifts I give to the world, because I know how to be whole and balanced now. Thank you Amanda for your patience, listening ear and inspiring support.”

Angela Johnson Salt Lake City, Utah

P.S.- Imagine who you will be one year from now after you have committed to yourself.  How do you plan to make that happen? How will your life, body, business and environment look and feel after walking your talk for one year and taking consistent daily focused action toward your ideal body and life of your dreams? Imagine that you are free of all food and body issues. Your life is spacious and calm. You feel radiantly healthy, alive and energized every day. You love your body and feel totally hot and healthy in your own skin. This contagious feeling spills into every area of your life which brings you total joy, peace of mind, freedom, and intimacy.

What would this transformation be worth to you?

Click here now to print your application and apply today

NOTE: You MUST email back your application by Friday, May 7th to be considered for the program!

P.S.S. This life is not a dress rehearsal. The time is now to go after your dreams in a really big way. When you are 88 rocking in your rocking chair on the front porch, you’ll look back on this day as the day your entire life changed, when you said “yes” to your dreams. This is your life, what are you waiting for? Sign up now for the most amazing 8 months of your life. If not now, then when?

Andrea Despain“After years of learning about exercise and nutrition, and gaining all this intellectual knowledge about how to live a healthy, thin and powerful life, Amanda helped me to have the experience that brought all that knowledge from my head, to my heart. Before that, I was unable to put into practice the knowledge I had gained. Her guided visualizations really brought home the messages my body were sending to me. Once I was able to calm down and listen to what my body was telling me, all that knowledge made sense in a very real and personal way. I would invite anyone willing to dig deep, and work hard to give this a try. It's magical and amazing. And Amanda's motivational spirit is completely uplifting and infectious!”

Andrea Despain Portland, Oregon USA