October 19th - 21st, 2015

Attention Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs:

Are YOU Ready to Finally Step into and EXPERIENCE the Fun, Prosperous and Totally AWESOME Business and Life You Were Born for…
in just 3 Unforgettable Days?


From Amanda Moxley
Hanalei Bay, Kauai Hawaii
Tuesday 8:30 Am

Dear Freedom & Fun Lovin’, Adventure Seeking Entrepreneur,

You started your business – or birthed your business idea -- because you wanted to be free.

Your vision was to have a lifestyle where you could create your own schedule…

…to not only have a family but actually get to BE with them (instead of chained to some cubicle) …

…to travel the world and have fabulous , unique adventures…

All  while creating true transformation in the lives of your clients, and making a real difference on the planet!

Some of your more “employable” friends look at you now with a tinge of envy and admiration at your free spirit, while others just shake their heads, judging you and wondering why you don’t just “settle down” and get a “real job.”

But for your soul, that would be like an early death.

You’ve always been something of a rebel, a maverick, a trailblazer. As a kid, you not only colored outside the lines – you did it with neon crayons.

You’ve always sensed that you were born for greatness, not some cookie-cutter life that’s just like everybody else’s.

And you believe deep down that you have what it takes to succeed on your own. . After all, you are driven, motivated, brilliant and a real go-getter (you’re not just sitting there waiting for your ship to come in.)


…somehow, you just haven’t POPPED yet in your biz.

You’re working SO hard, but you’re still living in struggle and feast-or-famine cash flow … while the freedom-based lifestyle you dreamed of remains a fantasy. 

Meanwhile, you see others succeeding – people who are less brilliant and talented than you -- and you know that something’s wrong with this picture.

You’re so frustrated…because you’re used to being a winner. You’ve tasted great success in your life. Maybe you were a star athlete or got straight A’s in school. It’s not like you to fail!

But now you have to face it -- this making your own money thing has got you totally stumped --- and you need support, pronto!

You are now ready to STOP going it alone, and do whatever it takes!  Because there are no back doors for you…no silent retreats into the safety and comfort of a J-O-B. Your soul won’t let you do that. You are destined for fun, freedom, travel and adventure!!

I'm Amanda Moxley, your multiple 6-Figure Healthy Wealthy Biz Coach and Mentor. You might have seen me on...

You’ve seen me living it and now it’s YOUR turn …and your time.

How do I know all this?
Because I’m just like you!

I felt just the same way… I always knew I wasn’t meant for a traditional “clock-puncher” life.

I remember being 16 years old in high school crying to my friend about how I didn’t want the normal life I saw laid out in front of me. I wasn’t afraid of hard work  --- I did great in school and I have a master’s degree and a whole alphabet of letters behind my name. But instead of meekly entering the rat race, I craved adventure, freedom, FUN, travel and excitement…just like you do!

Following my bliss, I had a blast travelling around the world in my 20s. I partied in Brazil, ski-bummed in France, safaried through southern Africa. Then I rock-climbed in Thailand, took a solo adventure in India to meditate in an ashram and do yoga for 7 weeks. When I met my now-husband, we got engaged under the Eiffel Tower ( and that’s only the half of it!)

When I got home, people expected me to “settle down.” But after a stint of trying to fit into the “real world” of work as a therapist, I soon realized my visionary leader persona and dreams of “doing my own thing” made me unemployable.  

So I started my own biz as a health coach. I was enthusiastic about helping women transform their bodies like I had (from size 14 to a healthy size 4, baby!!)  

And I saw entrepreneurship as my ticket to the freedom, fun, flexibility and adventure I’d always wanted. I loved the idea of creating my own schedule so that I could travel, ski, play in the mountains, be with my kids and live anywhere in the world.

Hey, I saw others doing it…how hard could it be, right?

But I struggled miserably with my biz even though I was doing everything “right”. I took all of the courses, haunted every free call, bought all the programs, modeled successful people I saw -- I “knew” it all, (or so I thought)  and yet I still couldn’t “POP”!




Salenta Fox“Just 2 weeks after my VIP day with Amanda I had sold my own 1/2 Day VIP Day for $1000. After that I went on to offer 3 month programs for $3,000.”

When I first came to Amanda all I had was an idea and passion bursting from my soul. I knew I had the expertise but I didn’t know how to turn that into real cash. I had been watching Amanda for a few years and knew I wanted what she had. I didn’t want to struggle for years before figuring out how everything all worked. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and if I did something I wanted to go big from the start, so I enrolled.

Just 2 weeks after my VIP day with Amanda I had sold my own 1/2 Day VIP Day for $1000. After that I went on to offer 3 month programs for $3,000. Now my programs are even more juicy and value packed and I have people coming to me. Without the guidance of Amanda I would not have known where to start or had the confidence to charge what I do.

Now I know my value and I am confident when I tell people the price of my services. I went from knowing nothing about the coaching business to making real big money in just months. I gained valuable industry knowledge and skills on how to make money fast doing what I love. I gained the confidence to be seen, to show myself, share my story, and ultimately offer my gifts to the world with grace and ease. I am now fully established and making the money I desire.

Thank you Amanda

Salenta Fox

Milena Pointer"As I say yes to life, life says yes to me."

These are the words I found on a card placed by my seat at POP Live. Saying YES to POP Live inspired changes that have completely changed my life.

Amanda’s JFDI spirit, loving heart, and wealth consciousness energizes you to wake up to your potential. At POP, Amanda shared her wisdom with an open heart, and held a beautiful, loving space for us all to share and grow together.

We laughed. We cried. We transformed. (We even DANCED!) In only 3 days - lifetime friendships were made, limiting beliefs released, and many possibilities illuminated.

Pop YOUR potential! Say YES to LIFE! What a beautiful journey it is...

Bobbie Jo
Founder of Kapa Kai

Leigh Medeiros"POP Live was the fun, powerful catalyst that inspired me to raise my rates, step up in my services, and get hired by a higher level of VIP client. "

Amanda’s big heart, feisty attitude and deep knowledge about what it takes to make six-figures shifted something inside me. I had my first 5-figure months of $11k then $13k right after the event, and was even hired by a VIP client to take them on a healing retreat to the Bahamas! Now I’m stepping up with a new brand and website, facilitating new VIP programs for magical women that are a joy to deliver, and my business is going from strength to strength.

POP Live was a blast – the room was filled with amazing women, we stayed in the beautiful mountains at a gorgeous hotel (with hot tubs on the balconies, no less!) and Amanda laid on some special treats for us throughout the weekend. I can’t wait to go back for more this year and take my biz to an even bigger level, help even more people with my programs, and rock my income - bring it on Amanda!

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs
Magical Baddass + Miracles Mentor

I had the same dream as you…and some of the same MAJOR challenges !!

I knew had all the talent and information I needed (more, even!), but I was unfocused and scattered with my energy and time, so while there were some random good moments, success could never really take hold.

I lacked a juicy and detailed prosperity “treasure map” to keep me on track and passionate when things got hard.

Most crippling of all, I didn’t believe in myself! And I was dragging around a f*d up money story from my childhood steeped in lack, fear, separation and “not enoughness” that was blocking wealth from my life like a firewall.

But then, everything changed!

It wasn’t until I really committed, invested in some high-end mentors and proven systems– plus doing some major work on myself - that it all “clicked”.

I developed my own “3 step formula to 6 figures” and within 9 months I went from $200 bucks in the bank, to 6 figures… and then  hit  $200k inside another 12 months. (All the while birthing and raising two kids under age 4, and moving my base of operations - a and lucky family! - to Hawaii for 3+ months for two years in a row!)

Today, I have clients from all over the world (Singapore, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England, France , Switzerland, India, New Zealand, Australia  and across the US)  and this year, I’m on track for 500k!

So now I can hear you saying, “Sure…that’s great for you, Amanda” but I promise you…

The ONLY difference between you and me is that I found out the three things it takes to POP your biz! And here they are:

Amanda Moxley’s 3-Step Formula for 6-figure Success:

1) F’in focus! Focus your time and energy on the desire of your heart, be ruthless with time-wasting distractions and go after your dreams as if your life depends on it... because it does. Improve and strengthen your personal boundaries with time, energy and money. (That’s how I went from rock-bottom with $200 bucks in the bank to $54k in 6 weeks! )

2) Transform your wealth consciousness and put an f’in fork in your f’d up and outdated money story. Learn how to receive and be vulnerable enough to receive your hearts desires.

3) JFDI (Just f*in DO IT!) Create a juicy PLAN that you love and is based on a proven system to reach your goals and follow it to the letter even when you are scared, tired or doubtful. Develop the JFDI spirit.. leap and learn to fly!!


Jia Ni"Within the first month, I went from receiving less than $1K a month to making a $5K month!! I then went on to create my first $8K - and on route to reaching six-figures by the end of the year!!!"

Amanda is a true gift and contribution to the Universe - my love and gratitude for her in my life is INFINITE. I came to Amanda terrified, stuck, and very much in the low vibration of lack. I knew I had a huge intuitive, spiritual, and mystical gift within me, but I never dared to own or receive from it. Amanda changed it all. Since I started working with her, my business has QUANTUM leaped!

A little about me and my biz: I am an intuitive & psychic, gifted in clearing subconscious energetic blocks for people so that they can experience manifesting with much more power, grace and ease. Amanda helped me OWN my gifts and I am forever grateful! Combining Amanda's highly effective business systems & abundance mindset with my wisdom around the energetics of the manifesting - it was manifesting a-go-go

My coaching practice blossomed, now fully booked out weeks in advance!! For the first time, the clouds have parted. Within the first month of working together, I went from receiving less than $1,000 a month to making a $5,000 month!! I then went on to create my first $8,000 month - and on route to reaching six-figures by the end of the year!!! 

The best thing? My heart-centered business has become a consistent stream of abundance that fully supports my being and my desired lifestyle. Amanda is a pure genius in laser focusing onto your limiting beliefs and calling them out, creating structures to support you, and holding a high vibration space so that you can end yo' money drama, make more money, and POP in life + biz!!!

Jia Ni Teo 
Business Intuitive & Soul Abundance Coach


Sonja Ramos“Pop Live should be called POP ROCKS!”

Attending Pop Live last September was BEYOND awesome.  Not only was I able to further heal my money story with Amanda's Unlocking the Money Channels Magic, I was able to totally FOCUS on my dream of serving peeps around the world and welcome my first international client within WEEKS of attending the event!

Since attending POP, I have turned my dream into a reality and truly have a portable biz, working with my laptop and phone, connecting with clients across the U.S. and abroad.  Like I say, Pop Live should be called POP ROCKS because it ROCKS for a Fresh Betty like me who loves mountains and all things nature.  

Park City is the premier location for an event like this where you see the expanse of mountains and sky and connect with soul sisters from around the world!  

Don't miss it, BE THERE or BE SQUARE!!

Sonja Ramos
the main Betty at Fresh Betty Lifestyle


Jessica Jennings“Before attending POP Live I was sweating it out worrying that I might have made the biggest mistake in my life quitting my day job to follow my dreams.”

In my mind I was worried about spending the money on attending since I just quit my job, but it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Amanda's unique and energetic event flipped a switch inside me and I opened myself up to the opportunity to receive and to receive abundantly. I work with women who want to get healthy and left the event with the confidence and clarity to get crystal clear on my signature program, and created my popular Healthy is Sexy nutrition program. My business starting to grow immediately and my mailing list doubled.

Say YES and let your business happen.

Jessica Wyman

Of course, if great information like this was all you needed, you’d have made it by now.

That’s why I’m going to personally teach you my whole system in a total-immersion, “JFDI” 3-day LIVE experience you will NEVER forget!

Join ME in person this fall in the mountains of my beloved Utah for a 3 never-before-seen, done or heard-of LIVE event experience… where you WILL:

  • Transform your wealth consciousness…
  • Discover how to f’in focus like your life depends on it, and…
  • Finally get your organized plan together to POP your biz once and for all!

POP Your Biz Live:
3 Days to Unlock Your Money Channels
and ROCK Your Freedom Based Biz
(for entrepreneurs who are ready to JFDI*)
*Just f’in DO IT!

YOUR adventure in the gorgeous mountains of Utah,
October 19-21, 2015


WARNING: This is NOT some boring sit-quietly-and-take-notes seminar.

It’s going to be an extremely fun and adventurous entrepreneur “love camp”!  Sure, we’ll cover all the nuts and bolts biz training you need. But you’ll also experience  a transformational combo of nature-walking, dancing, yoga, the best networking on the planet, laughing (and maybe even some pole dancing!!) that will leave your comfort zone in the rear-view mirror and shake up how you see yourself and your biz FOREVER! (I am SO excited for you!!)

Here’s what you’ll receive at this life-changing and crazy-FUN LIVE experience up close and in-person with me:

  • Become a ninja-master at managing your time, energy and money,  to clean up any blockages stopping you from Poppin’ Your Biz once and for all!
  • Unlock and open up your money channels and tap into the infinite inexhaustible supply of money and abundance that is available to you right now (you’ll wonder where it was hiding all this time!!)
  • Get thy “shiz”  together -- finally get REAL and f’in focus in your thoughts, words and actions on your ultimate vision so it can’t NOT happen.
  • *Map out your calendar and schedule  for the next 6 months! – You will leave with your master plan that leaves nothing out and is totally efficient… and yet still gives you all the time you need for your kids, a workout routine, your intimate relationship, etc… (yes, it IS possible!!)
  • Tap into the creative, inspiring energy of  the heart-centered women entrepreneurs you will meet and LOVE, get fired up by each others’ ideas and purpose on the planet, create awesome new business relationships and lifelong friendships  – all in just 3 days! (You won’t even recognize your list of Facebook friends or your rockin’ social life after this.)
  • Transform your relationship with  money from struggle, conflict and anxiety to one of peace, joy and rock-solid KNOWING that you are ready to receive and HAVE IT ALL!!

Cassie Lopez"Before working with Amanda, I was making $600-$1000 a month. After her End Yo' Money Drama and POP your Biz program, I brought in over $6,000 in just 10 days! I have an in home nanny for my baby and I am moving to a new condo."

I was facing putting my 8 month old son in daycare so I had time to work and I wanted to move into a bigger place but didn't see how I would be able to afford it. As a result of implementing the tools Amanda taught in her End Your Money Drama and POP Your Biz courses I was able to bring in over $6,000 in just a week and a half. I was making between $600-$1000 per month before that course. I now have my nanny taking care of my son in the next room, have successfully launched my Live Your Vision Board Life online course (starts Feb 11th), hosted my first online conference call, and am moving at the end of the month. My business is skyrocketing and I'm excited to see it continue to grow!

Cassie Lopez
Intuitive Business and Lifestyle Transformation Coach


Ava Waits“I came to Pop Live because there was still a part of me that felt unsafe around money, and I was nervous to create more of it through my company.”

Interestingly, the simple act of attending the event gave me have a rich experience of myself, and of my business. Normally I would have chosen the more budget-friendly hotel room, but my room-mate encouraged us to go for the suite. Hot-tubbing on the deck and lounging in the huge jacuzzi brought me into the frequency of wealth, and let me feel safe. In this nurturing atmosphere, and during the sessions with Amanda, I had some very deep healing occur. I let go of shame around my past, and let go of guilt around making great money in my business. 

Within 2 weeks after Pop Live, I had several inquiries from potential clients who were interested in my higher-level programs. Someone I met at the event also invited me to be interviewed on her telesummit. From that, I connected with a new client and $2200 worth of income. What's great is that I am still seeing a ripple of referrals, clients, and opportunities because I attended Amanda's event.

Ava Waits
"Feed the Source of Your Success" Coach


Margaret Buj“Since doing Amanda's course my relationship to money has completely changed - I now track my money and spending and have done further work on my beliefs around money.”

Pop Your Biz in 2013 was my second group program with Amanda. I first did End Your Money Drama and since doing the course my relationship to money has completely changed - I now track my money and spending and have done further work on my beliefs around money.  

When I heard of her Pop Your Biz in 2013 Program, I knew I had to do it. The course has been absolutely amazing! Even though I already had a lot of online structures in place, I got HUGE amount of value out of this program.

POP program takes all the foundational steps and necessary tools to building and marketing your business and breaks it into simple actionable steps – it give you a blueprint to make your business a success. I really loved all the calls and exercises which have made me much more focused, much clearer on my vision, even more confident in my abilities and I am currently creating my first ever one-day intensive for mid-level managers who struggle with interviews which will allow me to serve my clients in a deeper way while getting paid much higher fees.

I also loved being a part of a fantastic community of other women entrepreneurs who did the course, and their support has been invaluable.

Amanda is absolutely fantastic and I am already making plans to come to her first live event in September.

Margaret Buj
Interview & Career Coach

Ready to JFDI*LIVE with Amanda?

Here’s your exclusive invitation! (first 125 ONLY)

POP Your Biz Live: 3 days to Unlock Your Money Channels and ROCK Your Freedom Based Biz (for entrepreneurs who are ready to to JFDI*)

*just f’in DO IT!

Your investment: only $397 for a limited time!!

Yes, Amanda, I’m ready to JFDI and POP my Biz NOW! !

Save my seat at the event for only $397

Full pay only $397

4 payments of $125


Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers. You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

(We want you to experience the joy of POP Live! That means being there with me among like-minded woman who want to transform their lives and businesses. To benefit everyone, refunds can only be requested by 8:00am on the second day of the event. If you are not happy after the first day, your ticket will be refunded.

My promise to you:
In these 3 days, you’ll get more than great information.
You’ll get transformation including  a massive up-level in your wealth consciousness and a NEW awareness of your true power and possibilities.

You’ll leave  without a doubt that you really CAN POP your biz THIS YEAR!

Event Schedule

*Schedule subject to change!

Registration Sunday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Registration Monday 8am to 9am

Unlock Your Money Channels
Day 1 (Value $1,497)

Energizing Day Session: 9am – 5pm
Fun Evening Session: 7pm – 10pm

If you are dragging around a disempowering money story that is blocking your success, no amount of brilliance or new information will fix it! That’s why today we’re going to get your WC (Wealth Consciousness) handled once and for all!

On Day 1 you will:  

Create and embody your very own NEW money story that is built on the truth of unlimited abundance, financial freedom, expansiveness and freedom

Discover your unique divine spiritual “TRUST FUND” that is just waiting for you to claim it

Release generational limiting beliefs about abundance, wealth and prosperity so that you can truly be, do and have anything you desire

  • Get into ACTION: Take the necessary next steps to claim your desires.

  • Grow up - and wear your “big girl” Brazilian bikini in your biz!

Bonus: Receive Amanda’s magical mantra’s and affirmations to use whenever you need to unlock your money channels

Activate your divine feminine energy of receiving to turn your money channels to the ON position and make money love you, adore you and want to dance with you!! (Rumor has it that there may even be some pole dancing going on!)

Rock your Freedom Based Biz
Day 2 (Value $1497)

F’in Focus

Energizing Day Session: 9am – 5pm
Fun Evening Session: 7pm – 10pm

Success takes the ability to f*in FOCUS on what you want – but without an exciting, compelling “gotta-have-it” vision, it’s easy to get distracted and pulled off course by other shiny objects, time-wasting activities or nothing at all! ! So on this day I’ll work with you to clarify your vision and then show you how to F-in FOCUS like a gold-medal athlete in order to manifest it.

On Day 2 You will:

Get Your 6 Figure Vision On! Create your 6 figure + vision that powerfully pulls you forward.

You will develop the vital "in-it-to-win- it", "failure-is-not-an-option", "eyes-on-the-prize" single-minded focus you need to get where you want to go.

  • Understand on a very deep level what has stopped you from BEING the successful 6 figure + powerful female entrepreneur you were born to be
  • Blow the WHISTLE on your old ways of being, acting, thinking, believing and serving!  END the beliefs and behaviors that have kept you small, scared, broke and stuck in negative habits and patterns with your energy, money, time, clients, image and focus  (Warning: your EGO is NOT going to like Day 2! But remember that a bad day for the EGO is a GOOD day for the SOUL ☺ )
  • Receive a guided visualization from Amanda Moxley in which you will  meet your future successful 6 figure and powerful self!
  • Align with, act like and BE this future super- successful YOU to RECEIVE the results you crave; more money… quality time for the people and activities you love…amazing clients who adore you and rave about you to their friends…opportunities to step into the spotlight…awesome joint venture partners to play with… and tons more energy and love!
  • Join me and your entrepreneurial soul sisters in a Sacred Blessing Ceremony to Welcome Your Future 6 Figure, Powerful and Successful Entrepreneur Self into the world.

Bonus “Stretch Into the New You” Session: Embed your transformation on a mind body and soul level! Integrate all that you have learned and received from me in a special YOGA and visualization class led personally by me and a special surprise guest. This class will support you in integrating and embodying your 6 figure vision while I work with you to reprogram your subconscious mind to abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Day 3 (Value $1,497)

Energizing Day Session: 9am – 5pm

Today, we’re going to talk about JFDI – Just F’in DO IT! This “muscle” is the #1 secret to overcoming your fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations – because inspired ACTION kills fear! And no one else is going to give you permission to live your greatness…except YOU. So it’s time to JFDI!!

Now that you have your plan and your time management nailed, and you’ve transformed your money story,  I’m going to teach you exactly how to:

  • Easily magnetize your ideal clients to you and turn them into raving fans begging to pay whatever fees you ask--- just by BEING YOU and living your awesome life!
  • Unblock and Open up your Money Inflows by Remembering Who You REALLY Are… knowing this is a GAME changer !
  • Learn my 6 Figure Time Management Secrets to get out of running your business like an expensive hobby and into a thriving EMPIRE!
  • Use Amanda’s “magic money energy wheel” exercise/map to schedule your most vital activities, strengthen your time, energy and money boundaries, and say YES and NO to the right things…so you can be more productive, serve your peeps and make a LOT more money (not to mention  rocking your best-ever body and love life, too! Woo-hoo!)
  • ROCK your client strategy sessions every time, be the leader and coach your clients are looking for, stay in your power and blast through money objections so you can close the sale like a pro!
  • I’ll even give you my top  10 ways to get your next 10 free consults!

Most important of all, I’ll show you how to do a “spiritual workout” to develop your entrepreneurial JFDI muscle. You’ll discover how to go to the edge, leap and learn to fly so that you can finally achieve  your freedom-based lifestyle and destiny…even if fear, doubt, worry and lack of focus have stopped you in the past! (And just like any workout, the more you do it – the more unstoppable YOU become!)

And, receive these amazing bonuses too!

BONUS #1: Bring a Friend for only $97!

I was thinking: What’s the one thing that could possibly make this 3-Day immersion in your entrepreneurial dreams even juicier, more life-changing and more FUN?

Sharing it with a like-minded friend, colleague, member of your team or even your life-partner (yes, heart-centered guys are welcome too!) So I’m gifting you the chance to invite someone of your choice as your guest for only $97.

 Use this option to grab a pal and split the expenses of the investment and even arrange to share your room if you choose ( money excuses  -- POOF –gone!), have  personal support you can count on during and after the event, or simply gift someone you care about with an experience they will never forget. Just select the bring-a-friend option after checkout.

NOTE: Details on the “Bring A Friend” option are on the thank-you page you’ll see once you reserve your ticket.

BONUS #2: POP Your Biz Live Guidebook (Value $97)

This juicy manual full of my very own tips and templates will also house your “aha” moments from your 3-day experience. It’s sure to become your bible for and roadmap for your exciting journey to 6-figure entrepreneurial freedom and lifestyle BLISS! 

BONUS #3: A Night Of Dancing! (Value $247)

Night 1 a night of dancing! Warning: this experience guided by a pro will stretch you and shake you out of your comfort zone! But it will also set free your feminine energy, so you can open up your  money channels WIDE and start the flow of receiving in your biz and your life! (Plus you will have a BLAST :))

Bonus # 4 Yoga and Wealth Consciousness Reprogramming
Value ($197)

This is your opportunity to “go within” and process and integrate all you have learned in Days 1 and 2. I have found that getting still, centered and on purpose after all the excitement and stimulation of these days will allow you understand, receive and align with your new vision and wealth consciousness on a deep and cellular level. So the become not just nice ideas…they’re your new reality. This is a profound individual experience for you, as well as a way to  deepen your spiritual connection to your fellow attendees.

Bonus # 5 Pre Event Intention Setting and Connection Group Call
AND Post-Event Reunion and Celebration Call
Value $497 EACH

First, we’ll get on the phone together to get grounded and centered…and declare our intentions for the 3-day event, so you will arrive in the mountains ready for a  PEAK experience and life-changing results in your biz and life!!

Then, after you’ve returned home, you’ll be invited to an exclusive “class reunion” call to share your wins and “aha’s” since the event, check in with your sisters to see what they are up to, and get some “course correction coaching” from Amanda to keep you on track and on FIRE!

BONUS #6: Amanda’s “JFDI Warrior Women” Private Facebook group
(Value Priceless)

Here’s where we’ll meet before and after the event to spur each other on, forge lifelong friendships and future super-profitable joint venture and affiliate partnerships, share our wins and our challenges, trade resources and knowledge…and hang out with people who “get” us!! You’ll even get some on-the-spot coaching from Amanda, too!  

Still got questions? I hear you...

“But Amanda…”

“I’m too busy to travel…”

Um…what exactly are you too busy AT? If it’s not getting you the results you want, then you need  to STOP doing what’s making you busy and START doing what will make you MONEY…like learning the system I will teach you in only 3 days! Isn’t your entrepreneurial freedom worth sacrficing a few days behind your computer??

“I have small children and I can’t leave them…”

Don’t play the “KID” card my friends! I used to do that too, and it always kept me stuck at home. You just can’t think this way if you want to live the freedom-based lifestyle of the adventurous entrepreneur! For example, now I take my kids with me to all of the events I attend because I am a nursing mom. I even flew from Hawaii to California on a red-eye with my 6 week old baby for a speaking gig and networking at a live event. If you want to have what I have, you have to be willing to do what I do. So no excuses please!

Instead, get creative. You can still bring your kids…just bring someone to watch them and make it a family trip. Or, why not gift yourself some YOU time for a change and come immerse yourself in this vortex of radiant and abundant women ready for adventure? (Your kids will thank you later when you are ROCKING a biz and lifestyle that lets you spend lots more time with them!  )

“But I live in Europe or Australia!”

HELLO?? Are you really trying to use this as an excuse not to come – at the same time you are saying you want a life of freedom, travel and adventure?? I have clients from all over the world-- Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, Brazil, Canada, Hawaii and all over the US -- and many of them have already booked their tickets! Do they deserve this more than you? Or are they just more committed to their success? Make the decision to come and watch your life and biz transform before your very eyes. I can promise you, it’ll be well worth the trip.


Melissa Frederick“Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I've EVER done for myself!”

I have been working with Amanda for 1.5 years now.  I began working with her to transform my relationship with my body & food and since it has morphed into work on not only body image, but money & business.

The changes I've made since working with her have been: releasing 30+ lbs, getting rid of limiting beliefs around money and claiming my dream of quitting my job in the corporate world and embarking on a 2 month cross country road trip (which I am currently in the middle of), and starting my own business as a Body Empowerment Coach!  

Amanda has expertise in all of these realms, body, money and biz, and is able to relate and advise on a super deep level due to her experience.  Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I've EVER done for myself!

Melissa Frederick
Body Empowerment Coach


Kara Gilligan"My business since then has skyrocketed!
I'm now making 8-10K per month regularly."

Before coaching with Amanda, I was struggling to get the money & the confidence to manifest my dream of moving to California. I signed up for Amanda's Lean, Lovin' Money Making Machine Program on an intuitive hit, and I was blown away by my results! 

I set the intention to manifest $10K and move to California by the time the program was finished.  I brought in 8.5K in the first month!  I had NEVER made that much money before in one month, and the coolest thing was how easily and gracefully I brought it in. 

I was juicing, doing yoga, buying myself luxurious skin care products, getting massage and taking care of myself like I had never done before.  It was so sublime!  Amanda's positivity, her commitment to high frequency living and go-getter guidance was EXACTLY what I needed.  I completed the move and found the perfect house in Santa Barbara.  PLUS, my business since then has skyrocketed!  I'm now making 8-10K per month regularly.  I can't endorse Amanda's wealth, business & health coaching enough!

Kara Gilligan
Personal Branding & Manifestation Coach
AKA "Your Personal Fairy God Mother"

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I know you’re going to love this live training event. Registering for this experience means you’re ready to take your business seriously. Take your registration just as seriously. If you attend the entire first day and decide the event isn’t the right fit, you can request a full refund with no cancellation fee.

We want you to experience the joy of POP Live! That means being there with me among like-minded woman who want to transform their lives and businesses. To benefit everyone, refunds can only be requested by 8:00am on the second day of the event. If you are not happy after the first day, your ticket will be refunded.

Investment: $4,500
Only $397 for a VERY limited time!!

WARNING: The admission price will continue to rise as the event gets closer….so NOW is the time to get in at the lowest investment.
Register NOW before you forget and the price goes up!

Yes, Amanda, I’m ready to JFDI and POP my Biz NOW! !

Save my seat at the event for only $397

Full pay only $397

4 payments of $125

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers. You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

(We want you to experience the joy of POP Live! That means being there with me among like-minded woman who want to transform their lives and businesses. To benefit everyone, refunds can only be requested by 8:00am on the second day of the event. If you are not happy after the first day, your ticket will be refunded.)

Looking forward to sharing a PEAK experience in Utah!


P.S. Just because it’s your own business doesn’t mean do it on your own. I found out the hard way that you NEED support and encouragement from people who “get you” and the life and biz YOU want (you WON’T get it from the ones who tell you to just get a J-O-B and give up on your dreams!) So come hang with YOUR peeps, feed your soul and nurture your success among brilliant women who want to see you win and help you POP! Commit NOW, because I have to warn you there is limited space and the ticket price will go up as the event draws nearer and seats get scarcer. This is your best deal, and we will sell out!

P.P.S. Think about it -- just ONE tip you receive here or ONE person you meet may be the key to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for you. Are you willing to risk missing out? I don’t want that to happen to you! Join us and POP your biz this year!

Need customer service? We’re happy to help!

Need information about the event or your seat reservations?
Opportunities to Speak or Sponsor?

Contact Us: info@AmandaMoxley.com

Hotel Reservation and Directions

New Park Resort and Hotel in Park City Utah


Hotel Address and Directions:
The New Park Hotel and Resort is located 25 minutes from Salt Lake City, International Airport

New Park Hotel and Resort
1476 Newpark Boulevard
Park City, Utah 84098

You do NOT need to rent a car because the New Park hotel offers a resort shuttle to and from Salt Lake City, International Airport!

Plus! You get the special rate of $115 for a deluxe room or $159 for a suite with hot tub when you use the promo code "Amanda's Event"

Yes, Amanda, I’m ready to JFDI and POP my Biz NOW! !

Save my seat at the event for only $397

Full pay only $397

4 payments of $125

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers. You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

(We want you to experience the joy of POP Live! That means being there with me among like-minded woman who want to transform their lives and businesses. To benefit everyone, refunds can only be requested by 8:00am on the second day of the event. If you are not happy after the first day, your ticket will be refunded.)


Kim Gillespie“It was my intuition that led me to POP live!  I had been following Amanda’s work and was seeing that she had a wealth of information  to offer women entrepreneurs.”

Not only was the event an amazing success but also a great opportunity to meet like minded business women.  My intuition was right on target! 

Since attending, I have gone on to establishing my healing practice as a full time business with a goal of making a solid 5 figure income this year and a 6 figure income in 2015.  Working with Amanda as my coach, I know this is a goal I will reach. 

At POP Live not only did we talk about what it takes to be a successful business women but we also worked with raising the vibration of our wealth consciousness. She has given me all the tools and techniques I need to be successful in creating my portable and profitable business with fun!

I look forward to attending POP Live again this year and continually upping my wealth! 

Terri Ann Heiman
CEO - Natural Forces Studio, LLC.


Heidi Novak


Colleen Suchecki
Speaker & Transformational Business Coach

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