2012 is here! Are you finally ready to break through your body and money issues for GOOD?

Treat yourself to a Body Barrier™ Intensive day with Body and Soul Transformation Coach, Amanda Moxley

Don't miss your chance to be one of 10 women to experience this life-changing one-on-one day with me …at a rate that will NEVER be this affordable again!

happy girlWhat if you could get out of your own way when it comes to your body, your business and your life?  Are you holding onto pounds, thoughts, old beliefs and habits that are holding you back from your dreams, as well as from the body and the wealth you deserve? I call this the Body Barrier. You know in your heart that you could be so much more, and be so much happier, if only you could let all this physical and spiritual weight GO. You just don't know how to get started. But here's the good news:

It CAN happen – in just ONE DAY.

Join me, Amanda Moxley, this summer in New York, LA or beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and break through your Body Barrier once and for all, for a super-low investment!

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Face it: before you can lose pounds and inches, you need to handle the weight between your ears. This is why fad diets, pills and expensive gym memberships have all failed you -- they never address the fundamental Soul reasons why we hold onto excess pounds and unhealthy habits. Once you get those handled, your new healthy eating and exercise habits become easy and effective, and the weight falls away like magic. It's just the beginning of transforming your whole life, and it's what the Body Barrier Intensive is all about.

Imagine a day that's all yours, to focus on your dreams and goals – physical, spiritual and even financial.

Your Body Barrier™ Intensive is a day completely devoted to your body and soul transformation.   You won't just learn how to lose weight. We'll cover all these areas of your life in depth:

  • the foods you’re taking into your body
  • the thoughts you are allowing into your mind that are either supporting or sabotaging you
  • the challenges and  resistance you have to attaining and maintaining your ideal body
  • the upper limits you may be imposing on your happiness, business success and wealth
  • …and more! It's YOUR day, so I will customize it to your needs as they come up.

You will walk away from the Body Barrier™ Intensive day with a customized, focused blueprint for how to get you exactly where you want to be… while creating more abundance – physical, spiritual and financial -- than you can imagine.

What happens during my Body Barrier Intensive with Amanda?

In this intimate, FUN and energizing six hours together, we'll rewire old programming and eliminate the limiting beliefs that keep the pounds on and keep you from having the body and life of your dreams.

Together we will create a completely new, personalized diet plan that's a key ingredient of your unique Prescription for Radiance.

The Body Barrier in Business: We'll uncover and explore where your Body Barrier may be keeping you stuck in your career, your business or your  relationship with money …and you'll see yourself blasting through to the success you know you deserve!

You'll discover your own unique, soul-inspiring Vision that will pull you like a magnet toward the light, healthy body and abundant life you desire…and deserve.

You'll have a crystal-clear roadmap to follow as we break your goals down into easy and doable action steps…with signposts of clearly defined 1, 3 and 6 month goals as well as 1, 3 and 5 year goals that will keep you on track in the months and years ahead.

Along with your new action plan, you will create an accountability journal to chart your challenges and successes for eating, thinking, breathing, visualizing, affirming and exercising.

You will receive a potent, personal affirmation mantra to use every day on the way to manifesting your Vision.

You’ll learn how to consciously breathe to nourish every cell in your body and to eliminate fear, anxiety, stress and doubt.  In a heartbeat, you can get right back into living in your genius zone anytime you want!

You will discover how to prepare easy, delicious and nutritious meals even if you're super-busy. And you’ll have your very own customized plan for shopping, preparing and enjoying your food.  (Who knew eating better could be so yummy, too? )

You’ll learn a unique, easy-to-do yoga series to help shed pounds, increase energy, connect to your Soul, and feel flexible, young and vibrant.

You will come away from this transformational day100% focused, committed, joyful and excited to hit the ground running toward your new body and your new life!

How can ONE DAY do all this?

The simple act of devoting an entire day just to YOU – with an expert coach who's been where you are, focusing on your dreams and goals - will catapult you forward faster and more dramatically than you ever dreamed possible. But these breakthroughs don't happen by accident…and they don't happen toughing it out on your own.

What would such a total transformation be worth to you?

You could easily spend $10,000 on a celebrity nutritionist for just one day (who doesn’t tell you anything that that you couldn’t read in his/her book)

I already have clients who gladly pay me $5000 for a group program, that does not even include the intimate, in-depth one-on-one attention that this Body Barrier Intensive does.  (And this program is going up to $7500 shortly!)

But if you are ready NOW to commit to transform your body and your life, you'll be rewarded – with an investment of only $2,997.

That's an incredible value for a customized, private, all-day encounter with a real life coach who has walked the walk, figured out how to transform her own body and life, as well as those of hundreds of others just like you.

Ready for a change? If you're like most people, you've probably already wasted thousands of dollars and years of your life on diets, exercise equipment, pills and programs that didn't live up to their promises.  Are you ready to invest in something that works – to meet me LIVE and get to the source of what's been holding you back?  Are you ready not just to diet, or to work out….but to transform – FOREVER?

Body Barrier™ Intensive day with Body and Soul Transformation Coach, Amanda Moxley

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(Once you book, you'll be contacted to schedule your preferred date and location, first come, first served)


Not sure? Want to talk about it first? CLICK HERE to book a free Body Barrier exploratory session with me, and we'll see together whether this intensive is a good fit for you.)

In your full day (6 hours) of Private One-on-One Coaching with me in fabulous New York City, sunny Los Angeles or beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah you will receive:

  • 6 hours of one-on-one private coaching with an expert Body and Transformation Coach
  • Complete health history evaluation
  • The Wheel of Transformation Coaching Experience
  • Your Ideal Schedule Coaching Exercise to get you into massive action
  •  Guided visualization to meet your ideal body and to manifest your dream body and life starting right NOW!
  • Customized yoga and breathing instruction to shed pounds, increase energy and connect you to your Soul
  • My Body Transformation specialized journal format to set you up for daily success and accountability long after your intensive is over
  • A delicious lunch with me that will introduce you to foods you may not know or enjoy often (yet!) but that you'll love!
  •   My 50 Super-Slimming Recipes 
    “Shed Fat, Gain Energy & Get Hot and Healthy for Life!” 
  • Eat Your Way to Total Body Confidence 
    “How to Eat for Fat Loss, Energy Gain & To Get the Body You've Always Wanted!” eBook

Don't look now, but 2012 is only six months away.

If you want incredible results in your body and life this year, you need to take action NOW!


…you are ready for immediate results and ready to take committed, daily, focused action toward your dreams...

…you refuse to hide out or play the victim any longer, and are poised to take the reins of your own destiny…

…you are sick and tired of having your body issues drag you down in any are of your life…

…you know that now is your time to make the right changes on the inside in order to blossom into your fullest and highest potential in body, mind, and soul…

…you are ready to create the life you were born to live...

…then the Body Barrier Intensive is designed for YOU!

If you have ANY questions about whether this life-changing experience is a fit, I URGE you to set up a Body Barrier Exploratory call with me right now by clicking HERE. You may be amazed –and excited-- at what you'll discover on this free call!


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(Once you book, you'll be contacted to schedule your preferred date and location, first come, first served)

Amanda MoxleyI look forward to working -- and playing! -- with you one-on-one to help you visualize, attain and maintain the body and life of your dreams!

Your Body and Soul Transformation Coach,


Tara Alred"Amanda has helped me change a few decades of beliefs in six months.  This journey with Amanda has been invaluable.  She has given me the tools to continue making progress and feeling joy and peace in my life.  Amanda has helped me learn how to love and appreciate myself.  I have lost 20 pounds working with Amanda and I feel amazing!  My cravings and self criticism are gone.  When I walk by a mirror I no longer see the flaws in my body I now smile and acknowledge the amazing person I am.  If I make the choice to eat something sweet or processed I no longer beat myself up over it.  Amanda has taught me how to bring balance and peace into my world.  I am happy and confident that I will continue to be successful.  Thanks Amanda!"

Tara Alred, Salt Lake City, Utah


Molly Jack“Through my work with Amanda, I not only made strides in my weight loss goals, but I gained a better understanding of how my state of mind and my relationships with others affects my relationship with food. Amanda helped me stop judging my food as good or bad, but instead motivated me, to make choices that left me feeling energized and in control. She is both honest and empathetic in her approach and is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Molly Jack, Attorney
Manhattan, New York, USA