Gift # 1 An audio visualization on blowing the whistle on your old self , plus a visualization on meeting your future healthy wealthy self.. AND you’ll get a playbook to lead you through it. Listen Here

Blow the whistle on old self and align with your successful self playbook .pdf

Gift # 2Rock Your Soul Money Goal” for the final 6 months of 2015!

Here’s an audio to walk you through it.

And here’s a playbook to guide you through the “Soul Money Goal” process! You definitely want to dive into this if you’re serious about manifesting your visions for 2015!


Gift # 3:  The Freedomista™ Wheel to help you get clear on where you are, where you want to go and how to get there!
Freedomista Wheel.pdf

Gift # 4: 11 Steps to Manifesting Magic with the Moon. Leverage this ancient ritual to help you create your desires faster! 
new moon manifesting secrets.pdf

Gift # 5: The Expansion Sequence and Cycle… this explains the highs and low of being an entrepreneur! Click here to download 

Expansion Sequence Cycle Playsheet.pdf 

Gift # 6: Instant access to my international interview series where I interviewed 14 of my fun and super successful 6 & 7 figure soul sisters on their secrets to POP your biz in 2015! here’s the link 

Gift # 7: Heal Your F’in Money Story guidebook and playbook! Get ready to GO deep to the core of healing your money story.

Heal Your F’in Money Story.pdf

Download all or just a few of these giftsif you use them they WILL work for you.