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Success Story of the Week – Emily Thorpe

July 24th, 2014 | no comments

about-emily“Since doing the course my relationship to money has completely changed. I now track my money and spending and enjoy looking after my money.

I have changed many of my beliefs that I had inherited from my family and the media. I have been able to go from dreading my credit card bills to joyfully receiving them. I not only have a debt plan in place but am managing my money to allow me to buy my hearts desires too. I feel so good about money and magically it seems to like me more too.

When I heard about Amanda’s Money Drama programme, I knew Immediately, I had to do it to end this once and for all. Amanda’s style is relaxed and intuitive. With her guidance I uncovered why I was in the situation I was in and how to change it around.”

Emily Thorpe




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