Wanna Take Care of Your Business and Make More Money than EVER?

Take Care of Your Most Important Business Asset: YOURSELF!


I started my career as a body transformation coach, helping women release weight and nourish themselves on every level. Now as a 6-figure entrepreneur and business coach, I’ve found that self-care is MORE important than EVER!

Face it: Being an entrepreneur takes massive energy, positivity and self-esteem. Neglecting yourself and burning the candle at both ends is the downhill road to BURNOUT. 

YOU are the heart, the muscle, the brains and the SOUL of your business.

And when you take care of YOU, your business will thrive, too!

That’s why I’ve designed these AWESOME tools and resources to help keep your body and spirit happy, healthy, nourished and energized –so you can be a “Lean, lovin’ money-making machine” in your business !


Want to release weight in a way that supercharges your mood and your biz?


Lean Lovin’ Money Making Machine
60 days to release up to 20 pounds.

I like looking good as much as anyone else, but as an entrepreneur I know I NEED to be fit, healthy and vibrant for my business to thrive.  I NEED the mental clarity that comes from feeling great in order to download new and creative ideas. I need the energy to give to the business and to my clients…not to mention my two children and husband.

(People ask me how I do it all – but it’s no big secret; this is how!)

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Want to hit the reset button on your body, mind and spirit?

21 Day Mind Body and Spirit Cleanse
Whether you’re ready to release 5 or 15 pounds, clean up your diet, clear your head or have a spiritual awakening this cleanse is for you.

The Body Mind and Spirit Cleanse is about releasing the old and allowing your true self to Shine! The process is empowering and guides you in nourishing your body with an abundance of REAL whole food, allowing your highest potential to shine through from the inside out.

I am no longer offering this course LIVE, but if you’ve wanted to participate in the cleanse but never had a chance, you can do it using my specially prepared home-study course that includes lectures and guidebooks. It’s YOUR TIME!

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Do you want to get hot and healthy for life?

Amanda Moxley’s 50 Super-Slimming Recipes
“Shed Fat, Gain Energy & Get Hot and Healthy for Life!

Are you looking for easy, mouth-watering, yet *healthy* recipes that you can prepare without spending hours in the kitchen – AND which will melt fat off your body and boost your energy?

These 50 Super-Slimming yummy recipes are almost all Gluten, Sugar, Dairy and Soy FREE and will keep you feeling radiantly healthy, alive, energized and satisfied for years to come!

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Are you ready to learn once and for all how to Eat for Total Body Confidence?

Eat Your Way to Total Body Confidence
“How to Eat for Fat Loss, Energy Gain & To Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted!”

In this info-rich, energy-filled, inspirational e-book, you will learn once and for all how to eat foods that boost energy and melt away fat – giving you the body you’ve always wanted!

Are you totally confused about what is really healthy and good for you?

Are you tired of not knowing what to eat to lose weight and keep it off?

Have you been on the sugar/caffeine rollercoaster?

Are you just plain fed up with the way you feel in your body?

Well then look no further!

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