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Mandatory Evacuation out of Avalon, NJ! + Only 3 Spots Left for Fit, Fab and Fierce!

August 30th, 2011 | no comments

Hi Amanda

Amanda and Sawyer AvalonHello from Avalon, New Jersey!
Friday, we were mandatorily evacuated from our beach house compliments of hurricane Irene.  I found myself hunkered down in a hotel with my family including my parents, living in the unknown!

In years past, due to my super sensitive nature, a situation such as this would have triggered a massive emotional eating sugar binge followed by weight gain, emotional frustration and disappointment that I did not listen to my soul.

But today, I love my body because I know that it is the vessel of my soul.  Weight loss is an INNER game that takes inner work, desire, and the support of a loving mentor.  That is why I created the Fit, Fab and Fierce– Release up to 50 pounds in 5 months Program.

Only 3 spaces left!

Imagine heading into 2012 leaner, happier, healthier, more energized …and up to 50 pounds lighter!

You can do this, if you want it!

+ Bonus 1/2 day live or in-person VIP intensive with me for those who register by 8/31.

Wake up and live your best life this YEAR!

Register here!

Let’s talk!  Email me amanda@amandamoxley.com to schedule a free Body Breakthrough session, where I’ll answer all your questions and help you decide if the Fit Fab and Fierce program is right for you!

In love and Radiance,


P.S.  Ask yourself: Are you going to allow yourself to start ANOTHER year with the body and life that you’re living now?



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