unspecifiedI see it day in and day out with 
my clients.

You want success.
You want a breakthrough
You want to be seen and heard
You want to Go Big and Make Bank


Somewhere, somehow in your life and business you are stuck.

Such as:

Playing the victim card
Waiting to be saved
Thinking some magical day it’s all going to click
Hiding out
Playing small
Not prioritizing your marketing outreach
Forgetting your daily #‎Ruthless money core work
Pussy footing around about getting in your power
Putting everyone else on a pedestal
Competing and worrying what every one else is doing
Being comfortable with your current situation
Being a follower and a voyeur rather than being a #‎player
Settling for WAY LESS than you desire, deserve and can have
Being OK with your mediocre lame ass life (LOL)

So how can you make a U turn TODAY?

1. Take 110% responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, actions and results

2. Make a decision to save your own self and go for it like your life depends on it

3. Create a daily marketing plan and get VISIBLE getting your message out on multiple platforms i.e. (FB LIVE, Blogging, Instagram, Email Marketing, Youtube, Periscope, Podcasts, Speaking etc) By the way, I’ll be leading a new biz training for you on how to Be Visible & Make Bank next week. Register here for no cost! 

4. Be #ruthless with your money core sweet spot work. Notice every lack, fear, doubt, worry thought and cast it away as a SIN!

5. Worship your desires more than your fears. I do this by writing my life into existence every damn day. See it, feel it, believe it, receive it!

6. Decide who you need to be in order to step into your successful millionaire or whatever you want self and take ACTIONS daily, consistently as that WOMAN.

7. Get Pissed! It is NOT ok that you are living a life that is NOT what you want. Let go of the poor me story or whatever your lame ass story is and demand of LIFE to give you what you want. Life is a faithful friend. Tell it what you want and then EXPECT to receive it!

It’s fine to read this and get inspired, but where the rubber meets the road is in ACTION baby!

What actions will you commit to NOW?

The only difference between you and the other chicks you compare yourself to or who you admire is that they decided to CLAIM their dream lives.

What’s your decision?

I LOVE hearing from you, reply back to this email and share your JFDI action plan with me! 



Amanda Moxley


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