You rock! Way to JFDI (just f’in do it) and take action to be a part of the first ever 7 day End Your Money Drama challenge with me. I am beyond passionate about this subject. I believe that when women like YOU get in your power with money, the world will be a better place.

Here’s how this challenge is going to go! First off be sure that you follow me on Instagram and “LIKE” me on my Facebook business page. This is where all the challenge action will be happening.

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The EYMD Challenge Deets!

Win a Scholarship to my End Your Money Drama program and a Signed Copy of my soon to be released End Your Money Drama BOOK!!!

I know we all like to WIN things so I made the challenge extra fun to keep you GOING on the challenge! Here’s what you get to do in order to be eligible to WIN!

Every day of the challenge, upload your photo with the hashtag #EYMD and @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and post the same pic on Facebook with the #EYMD hastag. If you post every day and tag me on both Instagram and Facebook with my name and the #EYMD you have a really good chance of winning the End Your Money Drama program! Read below for your 7 day Challenge Action Plan:

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EYMD Challenge Day 1

Today’s challenge is asking you to meditate and go within for 10 minutes.

Everything you need is INSIDE of you, dare to go there!

Money comes from SOURCE. When you learn to still your voice, breath, be present and watch your thoughts the outside world of lack, limitation and scarcity loses its grip on you. When you learn to go within, you’ll never fear again. It sounds so simple, yet very few people DARE to go within. I double dog dare you!

Take a photo of your quiet meditation space and share it with me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD.

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EYMD Challenge Day 2

Create space in your wallet to attract more abundance to you! Today’s challenge is fun and easy! Clean up your wallet, get rid of old receipts and papers, place your credit cards in an orderly fashion, and put all of your cash bills facing you.

If you don’t like your wallet, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. You want to feel GOOD when you see and use your wallet.

After you cleanse your wallet out, write an affirmative statement on a sticky note with a beautiful colored pen and place it inside your wallet. It can read something like “I am easily and joyfully receiving X amount of money now! Thank you!” or “Money easily flows through me and to me.”

Take a picture of your gorgeous cleansed up wallet and tag me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD!

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EYMD Challenge Day 3

What are you grateful for? A grateful mind, can NOT be in lack, fear or money drama! Today, you’re going to practice gratitude by writing down 10 specific things you FEEL grateful for. Take a picture of something you are deeply grateful for; it could be your bed, the sunrise, your cat, your smoothie, your beloved, or even your computer or your car.

Getting into a high state of gratitude is a GAME changer! You’ll be lifted up to the heights of abundance and plentitude once you play the gratitude game.

Make sure you tag me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD. Let’s have a gratitude FEST today!!

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EYMD Challenge Day 4

I had the profound realization several years ago that my WC1™ (wounded child) was standing in the way of my WC2™ (wealth consciousness). I write and speak a lot about this in my courses, classes and live retreats in case you haven’t heard about this before from me.

In a nut shell, your WC1™ is the part of you that feels insecure, unworthy, unloved, afraid, abandoned etc. You unconsciously project your WC1™ “stuff’ onto money. It’s never really about the money!

Today’s challenge is going to help you heal and have more FUN! Your invited to PLAY today! Money loves to have FUN and to be free and so does your WC1™!

Take a picture of yourself playing/doing something FUN and enjoyable today. Keep it simple, fun and be TRUE to YOU! What lights YOU up? What makes you happy? Do that!

Make sure you tag me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD. One of my mantra’s is “the more I play, the more they pay!” Go have some FUN today!!

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EYMD Challenge Day 5

The fastest way to End Your Money Drama is to STOP feeding old fears, habits, worries, and beliefs about lack and to START owning your DESIRES.

Your desires were implanted into your heart at the moment of your conception. Desire in Latin, means “of God” therefore, if you have a desire, it is destined to manifest in your life.

Too many smart, educated, fun, big-hearted women ignore their desires and that’s what keeps them STUCK and spinning their wheels in money drama.

Today’s challenge is all about OWNING your DESIRES. In a special notebook, create your desires LIST and write down everything that you DESIRE. Then look for pictures online or offline that represent your DESIRES. You can create a VISION DESIRES notebook, a collage or a dream board with your pictures.

Share a picture of your true heart’s desires with me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD!

I promise this works! I’ve been able to manifest my soul man, two gorgeous children, my dream home, a super successful business, extensive journey’s throughout 5 different continents, my ideal body, friends and living in Kauai, Hawaii from the POWER of DESIRE. Do it! You’re going to LOVE this!

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EYMD Challenge Day 6

Thoughts are things. You get what you think and FEEL about! Today we’re going to take a look at and DUMP out all of your LB’s™ (Limiting Beliefs) about money! We’ve all unconsciously inherited an old outdated money story that is no longer serving any of us.

For today’s challenge, you’re invited to write out 25 LBs™ (Limiting Beliefs) about money onto a piece of paper and then BURN that shiz up! Let it GO!

Post a pic of either your 25 LBs (Limiting Beliefs) that you’re letting go or if you’re super adventurous post the pic of you burning your shiz up! Make sure you use SAFETY when burning your lb’s!

Share your pics with me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD!

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EYMD Challenge Day 7

Abundance is everywhere. Find a place in the outdoors and in nature that makes you FEEL abundant. Connect into this powerful abundant feeling and imagine that money is claiming you, loving you and adoring YOU!

Share a picture of your abundant place in nature with me @AmandaJMoxley on Instagram and on Facebook with the hastag #EYMD!

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Save the Date: April 22nd

End Your Money Drama Celebration Party

where the winner of the challenge will be announced!

Title: End Your Money Drama Celebration Party

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 22nd at 1PM PST/ 2PM MST/ 3PM CST/ 4 EST

Attend by Phone: Guest pin code: 857883#

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

Secondary dial in number: (916) 228-6996

Full list of dial in Numbers:

Event Page:

How awesome is this challenge? I’m so excited to get to know you, support you and to have FUN with you during this life changing “End Your Money Drama” challenge together!

I’ll be waiting for you on Instagram and Facebook! Can’t wait!

Before we wrap it up, can you do me a favor and share this challenge with 3-5 (or more) of your friends, soul sisters and family members who you think could benefit from this awesomeness? Send them to the 7 Day Challenge registration page.

Thank you! See you on the other side

Love and Mermaid Kisses,