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Monetize & Master Your Message to Impact Millions and Make Millions.

February 9th, 2017 | no comments

Do you ever wake up at 4:44 am because your soul is trying to get your attention? That’s what happened to me this morning! I answered the call and here’s what I heard

Monetize & Master Your Message to Impact Millions and Make Millions.
So what does that mean to you?

You have a divine calling that your Soul chose to be on earth here and now to share. Sounds good, right?

But the problem is that YOUR message is not converting nor monetizing in a way that you KNOW you are destined to.

You get glimpses of yourself on the world stage, shining your light and making a difference but you’re not there yet!

And it’s frustrating because you KNOW you were born to SHINE like a super nova!!
I used to feel the same way, I would see all of these women influencers online and off line and I KNEW I could be like them but I didn’t know how to get my message out there in a bigger way to call in my tribe, make a big difference and get paid to do it!

My words were not converting.

My message was not landing (instead I got blank stares of confusion). Sound familiar?

You might feel invisible unseen, unheard and misunderstood too?

Once I hired my first coach back in 2009 for 10k, she helped me hone in on my message and still it didn’t really LAND until 2011 when I figured it out.
I went from offering programs like “The Beautiful Woman Emerging Program” to “Fit, Fab & Fierce Release up to 50 lbs in 5 Months” and then selling the latter for 5k vs. the 1st for $297!!

You might be experiencing this kind of “No Response” to your marketing efforts BUT you keep going because you know your soul won’t let YOU not go for it!
I love that about YOU!!

Your tenacity, persistence and heart’s desires to be the woman you were born to be will PAY OFF!! There is no way it can not, unless of course you quit. Which you will never do because your soul won’t let you! HA!

In celebration of LOVE day February 14th, I’ve decided (well my soul woke me up with this message) to invite you to something I have never ever done before but I keep seeing so many of my peeps totally STUCK and struggling with their message and it’s got to end!

Because mastering YOUR message is HOW YOU MAKE MONEY. And if you do not master it you’ll stay where you are for TOO long (like I did from 2009-2011!!) And you won’t be able to help the people who need you! So sad.

SO if you’re:

  • hearing crickets in your marketing
  • getting no to very little response to your marketing message
  • copy, programs, emails or videos are not converting
  • something is just not right in your business
  • not making the impact or the reach you know you’re destined to make
  • you’re not living your CORE calling
  • not giving up till you figure this out
  • meant to make a massive difference and get PAID amazingly
  • Then I have the perfect solution for you!

Monetize & Master Your Message to Impact Millions & Make Millions with Amanda Moxley!!


  • 6 Weeks of personalized intensive mastermind content to help you monetize & master your message (for real)
  • 6 1 hour biz training calls
  • 5 Guidebooks on how to nail your message, get visible and make bank
  • Multi -media training (audio, livestreams, and video)
  • 24/7 mastermind forum for accountability, support, and sisterhood
    Very limited spaces available

Guaranteed that if you do this work you will Master Your Message & OWN your Voice in a way you never have before


  • Become the authority in your field (it’s time)
  • Nail your message in a way that makes your SOUL sing!
  • Master your message and make more money
  • Get crystal clear on who you are, what you do, where you need to share your message
    Stop being afraid of being seen and heard for who you are
  • Be you and Make Bank
  • Love yourself, your story and your message NOW and allow the abundance into your life.
  • Kick your lb’s (limiting beliefs) to the curb and shine like a super f’in NOVA!
    Learn how to turn your personal story into your own transformational story to connect with and
  • attract your tribe and make GREAT money doing it!
  • Get seen, be heard and get paid
  • Create your signature system
  • Get Visible through video, livestreaming, writing, speaking, sharing and more

Plus you get all of this…

  • Have a throat chakra healing at it’s finest
  • Be able to effectively communicate your message in a way that FEELS good and that gets your tribe foaming at the mouth to get IT NOW!
  • Start to market your message in a way that makes you GREAT money now
  • Feel amazing because you’re messaging is finally landing!!
  • Be the leader and coach your clients are looking for.
  • Stay in your power and blast through money objections (which are usually NOT about the money!) so you receive more money
  • Open your heart to love more deeply without fear of rejection
  • Transform your money story so you can RECEIVE and serve at your highest level

Bonus: Includes 2 tickets to my 2017 3 day Live Event & Retreat!

Starts Next Week! Limited Spots Available


  • 6 Weeks of personalized intensive mastermind content ($6,000)
  • 6 biz group training calls led by Amanda Moxley ($3,000)
  • 5 Guidebooks on how to nail your message, create your signature system, signature talk to get visible and make bank ($1,000)
  • 24/7 mastermind forum for accountability, support, and sisterhood (priceless)
  • Two tickets to the 3 day Live Event & Retreat ($2,000)



$11.11 per day! ($497 in full or 2 payments of $300)
Master Your Message to Impact Millions…MakeMillions

Go VIP and get this:

90 minute VIP 1:1 virtual intensive with me where you’ll receive your exact marketing message, niche, ideal client profile to position you as an authority to master your message and feel awesome about it!
3 X 1:1 laser coaching JFDI sessions with me, you’ll get continued support after our VIP intensive to receive more focus, clarity and action
Unlimited 24/7 access to me via FB messenger to get support, feedback and ask questions


$1,997 or 2 payments of $1,111.00
Master Your Message to Impact Millions…Make Millions-VIP

YES!! Message me right now ( if you know NOW is your time to master your message for real, no more f’in around, waiting time. Enough is enough. THIS IS YOUR TIME! You are ready to nail your message, rock your voice, impact MORE and make MORE money in your soulful business!

Reminder: Only 10 Places Available. Very Limited Spaces Available so I can go ALL in with YOU! JFDI now

11 lessons I learned from a Billionaire Coach on Friday

February 8th, 2017 | no comments

How’s your February going?  On Friday, I attended a 1 day event with a Billionaire coach named JT Foxx. I took copious notes to share with you thinking you would love to learn these nuggets!

Here ya go!

  1. Be the AUTHORITY in your market. Experts look up to the AUTHORITY. Confidence sales- seriously OWN IT. This guy was extremely cocky/arrogant/confident and SOLD on himself, his results and his brand.

  • 25% of people will like you
  • 25% won’t like you
  • 25% want to like you
  • 25% will never like you

2. On being an entrepreneur

You as entrepreneurs CAN change the world
YOU can create your own economy

3. When you host an event, registered attendees means nothing. He had 1,319 registered for the Utah event, 688 people confirmed via email and phone and 186 showed up. This is why you have to reach more people and clarify the exact problem you help your clients solve.

Event Show UP Rates

  1. Average show up rate is 12-14% in most states in the USA
  2. Bigger cities where everyone goes, less people show up
  3. Go to places where NO ONE goes (think Iceland, Oahu, Wisconsin!)
  4. Europe show up rate is 18%-22%
  5. Asia show up rates 44%-46%

Side note for Americans, if you make money in Europe (Euros) you can legally keep your money there and NOT pay taxes!!

4. Marketing and Knowing Your Topic

It needs to be SPECIFIC and tangible and exactly what your client/ niche is struggling with.
If you have to explain it and educate them YOU LOSE THEM! (Ie Self Love Coach/ Self Mastery Coach what does that really mean?)

How can you be more specific in your marketing so that it’s SIMPLE?

There are 4 main niches:

  • Wealth and Money
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Broken Wing niche (addictions etc.) This is a much harder niche to enroll to buy programs and products. Let them get help first and then come into the specific niche you serve with the specific problem you solve.


(Side note from Amanda, I see a ton of women entrepreneurs who are excellent at what they do as a coach/mentor absolutely FAIL in the marketing department. If you want to help more people and make a successful and thriving income as a coach you need to NAIL your niche and SOLVE a specific problem.)

For example, in my first business as a health coach, I created a program called “The Beautiful Woman Emerging Program” 1 person signed up and then asked for a refund. But when I rolled out my Fit, Fab and Fierce Release Up to 50 lbs in 5 Months program. I sold 6 spots in a 5k program very FAST. If you want help with this email then email me and we can talk!

When you create a program- you need to tell people tangible, real, substantial results and they need to know how much they will need to change.

5. Results SELL!!

You want to use case stories. success stories, testimonials to show people what you can do for them… he did this relentlessly non-stop.

Work really hard to get your clients and students epic success.

You build an empire on RENEWALS!

6. When you are well branded you can charge premium.

Why go B list, when you can go A list. He uses celebrity endorsements and celebrity association to help increase his brand value. He adds value to his offers by adding celebrity associations.

7. As a transformational coach, you do not sell TIME, you sell VALUE.

Think of a surgeon, you pay for the results after the end of surgery not for a surgeon’s TIME!! If the surgery was scheduled for 6 hours and it only took 2 hours, you don’t ask the Doctor to refund you for the time not used.

The more valuable YOU are, the more money you make.

  8. Strategically seeding your offers SELLS fast.

He did a ton of seeding his offer and making people HUNGRY for his offer. “I am looking for the next best 10 speakers”. It was like he was looking for the BEST and of course everyone wants to be picked. This created DESIRE in the mind of the buyer. Plus he backed it up with MEGA results from his clients.

  9. Branding and Exclusivity

How can you add in more exclusivity to your business and brand?

How can you create a bigger BUZZZ for your programs that your ideal clients are foaming at the mouth to GET NOW?

How can you improve your position and pre-qualify your ideal clients more in your messaging?

People BUY YOU.

People BUY your story.

The biography of your life sells.

Brand YOU.

10. Successful people make decisions FAST!

3 questions to ask yourself when considering a purchase

  1. What’s the BEST thing that can happen?
  2. What’s the WORST case scenario?
  3. What’s the most likely case scenario?

Train yourself and your clients to make a decision NOW.

98% of people who say they need to think about it, are a NO!

  11. You are the BRAND.

You are the coach

Start acting like they need YOU

You don’t need them!!

And that is what I learned from a billionaire coach on Friday.

Tell me, what out of these nuggets of wisdom WILL you put into place in YOUR business now?



P.S. It’s time for you to seriously RISE UP in your business and life. Your future self is waiting for you! JFDI (Just f’in do it!!)

P.P.S. I have hand selected today’s leading experts who are making 100k – 2 Million+ a year to share their strategies to help you grow your business online and offline through speaking, hosting events, retreats, workshops, live streaming, lead generation and list building to impact millions and make millions! JOIN US & GET YOUR FREE SEAT HERE!

I’m ready to get engaged!

January 17th, 2017 | no comments

I hope your 2017 is off to a brilliant start! I’ve been working on a variety of new projects behind the scenes the past few weeks that I am excited to roll out your way very soon.

One of which is my commitment to engage with YOU way more!

I intend to pop into your inbox with valuable content rich articles, videos, tips, tools and resources to support you in building and growing your spiritually rich business in 2017.

Here’s a Facebook Livestream video for you on “High Intimacy Leads vs. Low Intimacy Leads” that I think will really help you convert more ideal clients into your programs!

Guard your mindset to get what you want- always

Posted by Amanda Moxley on Friday, January 6, 2017

What are you up to this week? I love hearing back from you! Feel free to hit reply back to this email and ask me any questions and let me know that you’re ready to ROCK 2017!




Featured Article

Decide to ASK for More!

In numerology it’s a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10=1).

Seeing the number 1, 11:11, 1:11 etc is a SIGN that you are rapidly manifesting your reality now.

One energy is all about the direct connection between heaven and earth/ spirit and matter.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are creating your reality as well as your future!

Isn’t that the BEST news ever? That means YOU are responsible for creating your reality and YOU can create anything and everything YOU desire. If you want an #upgrade in 2017, just DECIDE to ask for more!

Now is the time to:

  • Decide to Ask for More
  • Vision broader
  • Believe stronger 
  • Focus deeper
  • Intensify your gratitude
  • Start new habits that serve
  • Uplevel your normal
  • Be unapologetic about who YOU ARE

It’s also a time to:

  • Cut ALL the crap that does not serve you (habits, foods, material stuff, beliefs and peeps) 
  • Stop the habits that your intuition is guiding you to release (you can do it) 
  • Let go of foods that make you sick and fat
  • Declutter your environment (home, office, car, purse, clothes, closets)
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are not affirming what you actually DO WANT
  • Release or restructure relationships that drain you (BE HONEST)

We as a collective are dreaming a new earth.

It feels SO GOOD to create your reality!!

Reply back to this email and let me know what you are claiming in 2017!

Let’s do it together. 🙂



P.S. I’m right there with you! I released the habit of drinking bullet proof coffee last week after my intuition was telling me to STOP for weeks. It takes courage to let stuff go but it’s so worth it!

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My 2016 year in review for you!

December 30th, 2016 | no comments

Every year, I like to write a year in review to bring you behind the scenes of running a profitable and spiritually rich business! So here goes!

January– March I started the year out producing weekly videos thinking that I would make them a consistent platform but then Facebook Livestream came about and it was easier to Livestream in the moment, or in my group or on my FB biz page. However, I am thinking I will bring these back in 2017. Let me know if you’d like that or not!

March – Flew to California for 3 days to shoot a professional video for my business. My focus for this video was about the cycles and season of being an entrepreneur. I also shared my point of view about having a 3 tiered master mind to serve your clients. You can watch the video here.

I can’t say the video which I invested over $8,000 making had a massive ROI however, I did receive a BIG personal breakthrough around my relationship with women.

My coach at that time, lightly suggested that in groups of women we tend to project our “mother” issues onto other women. The next day, I was paired up with a gorgeous woman who in my mind was perfect. She was sharing with me how much she admired me and loved my life and lifestyle with my soul man and 2 kids on top of my business success.

On the surface, I received it but I had a massive guard up because I didn’t really believe that she could really like me. My guard was up as a projection left over from my childhood and having a brutal step mother who was pretty and perfect and who also did not like me.

End of story- major healing around women. And did you know that if you have a hard time receiving MONEY, it can be because you have mother healing to do? Mission accomplished.

April I had been planning a 3 day event starting in February. I did market research and learned that my tribe wanted me to teach them about the Power of “Profitable Live Events” and how to generate a year’s worth of income in a single weekend.

I shot some pro videos in February to launch the event. We had 30+ women at the 3 day event from Australia, Europe, Canada and throughout the USA. And over 1,000 women and men watching the 3 day event via Livestream.

I was a “one woman show” and rocked the stage all 3 days without any outside speakers. We invested in some upgrades for the event and I live streamed it for the first time ever. I partnered with a virtual sales team and a Facebook ads team to help me run the Livestream and sales.

I offered my first 50k package from the stage and welcomed in several amazing clients into my Master Mind. I also invested in new branded photos for my marketing materials with my amazing photographer Gillian Hunter.

Prior to the event, I hosted my clients for a two day private master mind retreat in the mountains. I LOVE being in person with my clients. SO much transformation can happen LIVE! April was a full month!

May– I checked myself into the “spa” with a powerful Shaman in Kauai, Hawaii for 10 days. It was extremely healing and rejuvenating to say the least. Peeled off a bunch of layers around childhood stuff.

August– I got fired up with daily journaling, big time visioning and massive awakening to my dreams in a new way! I created a new program called “Get Visible and Make Bank” where I teach women how to create their signature talk form a to z.

On the back of this, I added on a new program called “Show Up & Shine” which included a 25 minute speaking spot on my stage, professional video and photos and I enrolled the most amazing women to join me for this!

September deepening my connection to my soul man. We attended a 3 day retreat about the feminine and masculine and marriage. After almost 18 years together, this retreat hit the spot!! And we’re continuing to create new habits and daily connections together.

October– Launched my second event of the year called “Be You & Make Bank- Get Your Next 12 Clients in 90 days or Less.” I have to say this was my best event of all time. I showed up to serve with all of my heart without any attachment. Doing so made the event so much LIGHTER and way more fun and ultimately more abundant than ever.

I also hosted my clients for a 2 day private master mind retreat in the mountains of Utah. Being live with my clients is my favorite part of my business. I love seeing them POP in front of my eyes!

November- flew to LA for an event and then joined a 12 month master mind. Flew back home to Utah for 2 days, and then flew to Oahu, Hawaii for 1 week of master minding, biz brainstorming and biz building. I’m so excited to be a part of a powerful master mind in 2017 with other driven, athletic, smart and fun women entrepreneurs! And I even signed up for a year long endurance program in which I will be running two half marathons in 2017. More on that to follow.

December– wrapped up 2016 and am working on launching my new website in 2017 as well as a fabulous new international speaker summit with over 25 6 & 7 figure speakers! Stay tuned for your exclusive invitation to join us early on in 2017.

The recap-

2016 has been an amazing year for me both personally and professionally and that is because I decided to CLAIM it.

  • I got out of hiding.
  • I honored the seasons and cycles of business instead of being ashamed about having a lower cycle in 2015.
  • I got super visible.
  • I decided to take lots of leaps and chances such as launching two new events, pro video, and several new programs.
  • I invested over 30k in coaching and mentorship.
  • I easily and automatically released and paid off 28k in 0% debt (divine energy blessing the dream) from early on in my business.
  • I healed a ton of worth and deservability issues and childhood stuff. Thank GOD!
  • I surrendered to the divine plan without attachment.
  • I focused 100% on service, giving, using my gifts and getting out of my own way.
  • I tracked my income every day and watched it ebb and flow and grow. I released emotion about money tides.
  • I STOPPED putting my VALUE and WORTH on the amount of money I make or don’t make. (MASSIVE SHIFT!)

I am forever grateful for my business foundation I built many years ago when I first started my business. How is your biz foundation?

That’s why I put together a very special rare treat to work with me in my Healthy Wealthy Biz School starting in January for 50% off the normal tuition.

Jump in the Healthy Wealthy Biz School before January 2nd at midnight EST and get it for HALF off!

Here’s the link.

Happy New Year!!



P.S. Healthy Wealthy Biz School is a jam-packed 90-day program where I’ll teach you the nuts and bolts- how to’s and strategies on how to create a playful, profitable and portable six-figure business. So by Spring 2017, you may not even recognize your life or your bank account!

P.P.S. If you want my strategic help and eyes on your biz to help you magnetize ideal clients to you, nail your signature system, add lucrative VIP days to your biz, grow your list and unlock your money channels so you can start making awesome money serving your clients to fuel your dream lifestyle, then join me in the Healthy Wealthy Biz School for HALF off the normal tuition!

P.P.P.S. Here’s the link to join me! Check out all of the success stories and bonuses too and be sure to jump into the Healthy Wealthy Biz School for half-off by midnight January 2nd at midnight!

Today :-)

December 14th, 2016 | no comments

Cool story about manifestation for you. A few months back I shared on a Facebook livestream, how I wanted to run a business intention setting class on the Full Moon. Then yesterday, as I was preparing for today’s 2016 Release and 2017 Planning Session, I realized that TODAY is a FULL MOON Supermoon in Gemini which is all about the POWER of your WORDS.

Your word is your WAND. You are creating your results & reality with your words and today is the DAY to consciously create your reality with the power of the moon.

I’ve been using the lunar cycles to magnify my intentions for business, money, life & body goals and dreams for over a decade because it WORKS!! Everything YOU write down manifests and working with the MOON energy can bring it to you faster and easier.

That’s why I’m so excited to have you join us for today’s 2 hour Virtual VIP day to powerfully release and review 2016 and intentionally PLAN and create 2017.

Includes 2 hour VIP planning session (yes it’s recorded) or attend live at 2 PM EST, 15+ page planning guidebook, 30 minute heart to heart session with Amanda for less than 20 bux.


Giving yourself 2 hours to fully evaluate, release and let go of this year and then consciously, intentionally create, plan and create 2017 will make a massive difference in your results.

You’re worth it and you deserve it!

It’s going to be an awesome day! I hope you’ll join us! Click here to grab your spot before it’s too late!



P.S. Click here to grab your spot to the 2 hour Super Moon VIP virtual planning day and receive all this…

  • 2 hour VIP planning session (yes it’s recorded) or join live today at 2 EST.
  • 15+ page planning guidebook
  • 1 30 minute heart to heart session with Amanda

P.P.S. Click here to grab your spot for you or as a gift for a friend for only $19.97!

She went from 20k to 200k in 1 yr!

December 1st, 2016 | no comments

November has been a whirlwind of fun and travel. I’m just NOW getting back into my office & my pro videographer just sent me the VIDEO success panel from my recent event.

Click here to watch it and hear how Gillian (my photographer & client) went from making 20k a year to 200k after working with me!

Click here to watch this now!

And you’ll also hear from some of my other equally awesome client’s success stories..

  • Gillian went from making 20k to 200k in 1 year of working with me.
  • Shakti doubled her rates, packaged her programs and successfully moved into her dream house across the country
  • Jill pulled her head out of her you know what and is paying off debt like crazy and has reached well past the 6 figure mark and now BELIEVES in herself.
  • Dana went from bright shiny object syndrome to transforming her wealth consciousness and money mindset and in 1 month she brought in 5 new client projects (as a videographer) and she’s now traveled abroad multiple times this year and just got engaged.
  • Natalie was all work and no play before joining the Master Mind and is NOW balancing business, self care and allowing herself to RECEIVE money, clients and SELL out her coaching program!
  • Nancy did more in the last 6 months than she has done in the last 3 years. She rocked her first TWO workshops, launched her website, landed her first international speaking GIG and got massive clarity on who she is, what she offers and what she sells!


I could GO and ON!!

Want results like this? —>Click here to book a coaching call with me to see how I can help you get results.

The point of me sharing these success stories is that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

But you can NOT do it alone and by trying to wing it on your own. Nope, not gonna happen.

Success is a system.

It takes a PLAN, focus, accountability, tribe and JFDI ACTION.

——->Click here to book a coaching call with me.

My clients who follow the coaching and do the work GET RESULTS.  14615753_10154716423453421_576901990279865633_o

Is now your turn and your time? If so, I would LOVE to help!



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Do this exercise – ritualize to materialize

November 8th, 2016 | no comments


I’m excited to be taking off for Los Angeles today for the week! Here’s a quick little love note for you to enjoy today. 🙂

The results you are living now in your business, body, wealth and love life are a direct result of your repetiitive habits and patterns.

That’s good news! YOU can change!

What you ritualize you materialize – end of story.

Take a good hard look at where your time goes, the thoughts you’re thinking and the emotions you’re feeling on a consistent hourly basis. Write down what you are currently experiencing in all areas of your life.

You are insane to think that you can keep doing the same thing over and over and get a DIFFERENT result. Nope, not going to happen!

If you want different results such as more money, success, wealth, health and love then YOU need to start being, doing and acting differently than you are now.

It’s time for a change.

What kind of results do YOU want?

Write down a full description with all of the juicy details of exactly what YOU do want.

Then BE that person.

Make decisions as if YOU are that person.

Act from there.

Stop allowing the past to dictate your future. You can change.

You can have what you want, and you can have it NOW.

Stop putting conditions, circumstances, other people’s projections, shame, guilt, fear and doubt all over YOU and your big heart. Knock that shiz off!!

It’s safe for you to GO BIGGER, BE BIGGER and have more success and abundance in your life.

Now is the time!

Action steps

  1. Write out exactly how you are living, thinking, believing, being, doing and deciding in your life now.
  2. BURN THAT PAPER – let it go!
  3. Every day for 30 days write out in full detailed description what you want, why you want it, who YOU need to BE to receive it, how it would feel to have it all, etc.
  4. BE THAT person.

JFDI (just f’in do it!)14902768_10154716414783421_3992775961105176973_o

Remember what you ritualize, you materialize.



P.S. Join me in my private Facebook group for motivation, coaching, support, sisterhood and fun focused around money, marketing and spirit!

20 Lessons I’ve Learned from Running Profitable Live Events (must read)

November 2nd, 2016 | no comments

Last week wrapped up my 5th event and I figured you’d love to read my 20 biggest lessons learned!14902768_10154716414783421_3992775961105176973_o


Also join me today at 2 MST/ 4 EST for a no cost biz training livestream and webcast

Details here–>

Attend by Phone:

Guest pin code: 857883#

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

or attend via Webcast

1. Decide earlier than later when you will host your event. Pick a date and then sign the hotel contract. Stop dragging your feet on this. Two feet IN, baby.

2. Know that you will freak out and hit your “terror barrier” every time you make a decision and decide to up level your life. Be prepared for that. Surround yourself with peeps who LOVE YOU so much that they will not accept your lame ass excuses about WHY you can’t do it. Ask them to hold you accountable and JFDI.

3. Know that you are entering into the unknown. Yes, you are taking a risk by hosting an event. You will feel that you are on TOP of the roller coaster. Decide to put your hands UP HIGH in the air and RIDE the f’in roller coaster. Breathe baby. Have fun.

4. Trust your gut instinct. Decipher between fear and faith and walk in faith.

5. Slay your dragons. Write out all of your fears about the event such as “I feel scared about hosting this event because…” and then BURN IT UP! Slay your dragons every day on the regular. Get it all out of your subconscious mind.

6. Decide what you will teach on each day of your event. Give each day a theme and a name.

7. Do market research. Once you have your content outline, reach out to ideal clients and interview them to make sure you’re on the right track. Ask them for feedback and especially what would make it an absolute YES for them to attend this event. Invite them to the event.

8. Name your event a hot juicy results based name.

9. Write a hot sales page with all of the features, benefits, value, share your personal “transformational story”, add client success stories for social proof, ad a video to the top of the sales page to help buyers get a better feel for you, position yourself as the expert and show how you can help them NOW get what they want. Overcome their objections for getting on a plane and taking 3 days to learn from you. Give bonuses and limiters and an urgency to BUY NOW. Decide on your payment plan structure.

10. Strategically promote your event at least 6 months out.


11. Contact everyone you know and invite them and their friends to come to your event. Send a “save the date” email or postcard in the mail. Text them, call them, message them do whatever it takes to get the word out.

12. Give tickets to clients you are currently working with. Give them a friend ticket too. Decide if you will have clients reserve their tickets with a refundable $97-$197 fee. I think this is a good way to go because if they don’t show, you can not fill that space at the last minute. I’ve typically gone on the honor system with this however I’ve done it every way over the years.

13. Decide if you will have speakers or sponsors. This year, I was super smart. I created a program called Get Visible & Make Bank in which I trained my clients on how to craft their signature talk and make an offer from stage. Out of that, I developed a program called SHOW UP & SHINE where I trained my speakers how to speak on my STAGE. This was a huge success all around. I gave them pro video footage and pro photos of their talk and also let them make an offer on stage.I’ll do that again, let me know if you’d like to speak on my stage!

14. Map out several different marketing moments in which you can promote your event starting at least 6 months out. Do whatever it takes.

15. Prep your event guidebooks, handouts and materials at least 3 weeks before the event. You’ll sleep better and feel more prepared.

16. Hire the right event team to support you during the event. My first event, I invested over 40k, 20k of which went to a NYC event team. Having that kind of an invoice added a ton of pressure to making the event a success. Since then, I’ve learned the event strategy and now I hire local support team (one of which is my soul man Johnn). I have an incredible photogaher Gillian Hunter and a pro videographer Jason Hadley. I also partner with Rosie Gremmert who is an essential oils expert. We use the oils to help with breakthroughs and emotional support. I also have featured guests such as my dear friend Jamie Brandenburg from LUXME Collective and SLC’s best yoga teachers.

17. Go shopping for clothes that make you feel like a million bucks! Stay on brand and dress as your most up leveled self!

18. Hire pro hair and makeup! This is a game changer for me. I highly recommend you show up to shine.

19. Prepare and practice your offer at least 1 month before your event. Think of it this way, you’re giving your tribe so much training, how to’s, strategies and breakthroughs during the event. About 20-50% of them will automatically want MORE of what you’ve got. We all know that real change and transformation takes time. It doesn’t just happen in 3 days time. Give them a way to keep working with you!

20. Focus on serving and giving massive value and love during your event. Keep your heart open without fear of rejection or failure. YES, you are being extremely vulnerable and that is what is required in order to RECEIVE. Stay open. Keep your focus on helping people NOT on how much money you’re going to make. This is extremely important, people are “NOT BUTTS IN SEATS” or numbers and statistics. Focus on loving, leading and helping and you will be a success in all ways!!

21. Bonus tip- show up and play at 110%. Pretend that Oprah and a couple thousand people are in the room with you learning from you at your event. GIVE THEM YOUR ALL no matter how many people are in attendance.



P.S. Join me today at 4 PM EST for a no-cost biz training where

You’ll learn how to:

  • Move beyond your terror barrier and get what you want every time
  • Get on the “Wealth Wheel” and roll with it
  • STAND in your VALUE & WORTH and receive
  • Tips for RECEIVING and allowing in more abundance
  • Take JFDI (just f’in do it) action

P.P.S. Attend by Phone: Guest pin code: 857883# Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100or attend via Webcast

Mind Blown

September 14th, 2016 | no comments

I didn’t start this journey for the money. I started as a Bikram yoga teacher, and as a budding cognitive behavioral therapist and a lover of adventure and travel who then became an entrepreneur when I started my business as a health coach 11 years ago.

I remember the first time I heard of another health coach who was selling a 15k GROUP coaching program.


Mouth agape.

Could NOT fathom it.

Mind blown.

Back then, I was selling a 3k totally private six month coaching 1:1 program in which my clients were receiving through the roof results from (circa 2009).

It was a paradigm shift for me.

I was indoctrinated into the world of high touch, high end coaching. I was already doing the high touch coaching in fact my programs were live and in person in my office and included cooking classes, farmer’s market and health food store tours.

I was booked solid with 22 clients, speaking around town & teaching 6 hot Bikram yoga classes a week.

The part I was missing was the fearless high end selling.

Perhaps you’re missing that piece right now too?

At the root of your lack of sales and income is a deep seated belief that you are not worthy.

(I cringe too when coaches talk about this! It’s so annoying because, aren’t we all worthy because we exist? And God forbid you wouldn’t want to admit that YOU don’t feel worthy. How embarrassing!)

I know.

But you gotta address that sucker if you wanna get rich and make a difference and claim your income goals.

It’s time for you to step into Fearless High End Selling and Receive what YOU say you want.

That’s why I’m so excited for my next biz and money training call on September 20, 2016 called

“‘Why You’re SO Worth It — Fearless High End Selling from the Soul

  • Amanda’s best mindset techniques to help you FEEL, know & claim your worth (FINALLY!)
  • Why selling high end is actually EASIER than chasing bargain-basement clients
  • How to value, price and package your services to create a double blessing for you and your clients (and everyone leaves the call feeling GREAT!)

  • A simple 3 step process you can use today to fearlessly sell high end starting NOW (even if you think you can’t!)

It’s time for a paradigm shift.

See you there!

Don’t even thinking about missing this one!



P.S. My story ends well. After blowing my mind about fearless high end selling, I’ve since gone on to sell and receive over 1 million dollars in my business since my paradigm shift. Now it’s your turn. 🙂


Coaching Exercise for Today

September 8th, 2016 | no comments



Be the woman you were born to be.

Yes, you.

You know who you are!

Enough is enough with the slacking and the coasting and the pretending to be someone you are not.

Enough with hiding out, playing small and being invisible.

It’s time to rise up.

Coaching Exercise:

Journal for 20 minutes today about where you want to be exactly 1 year from today. Write out all of the visions, desires and dreams in the present positive tense as if they are happening now.

Then start acting AS IF you are this woman.

Embody her.
Dress like her.
Wake up like her.
Schedule yourself like her.
Surround yourself with peeps she would hang out with.
Have boundaries like her.
Speak like her.
Eat like her.
Exercise like her.
Say no like her.
Say “YES” like her.
Create like her.
Show up as her.
Shine like her.
Take bold actions like her.
Invest like her.
Cleanse out clutter like her.
Make space for her.

Ask yourself habitually “would a woman who is living (fill in the blank with your vision or money goal) do this or be this”.

This will help you align yourself to your ultimate reality.

No more slacking!

Have a great day my loves!



P.S. Share your vision in the comments below! XO