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I’m ready to get engaged!

January 17th, 2017 | no comments

I hope your 2017 is off to a brilliant start! I’ve been working on a variety of new projects behind the scenes the past few weeks that I am excited to roll out your way very soon.

One of which is my commitment to engage with YOU way more!

I intend to pop into your inbox with valuable content rich articles, videos, tips, tools and resources to support you in building and growing your spiritually rich business in 2017.

Here’s a Facebook Livestream video for you on “High Intimacy Leads vs. Low Intimacy Leads” that I think will really help you convert more ideal clients into your programs!

Guard your mindset to get what you want- always

Posted by Amanda Moxley on Friday, January 6, 2017

What are you up to this week? I love hearing back from you! Feel free to hit reply back to this email and ask me any questions and let me know that you’re ready to ROCK 2017!




Featured Article

Decide to ASK for More!

In numerology it’s a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10=1).

Seeing the number 1, 11:11, 1:11 etc is a SIGN that you are rapidly manifesting your reality now.

One energy is all about the direct connection between heaven and earth/ spirit and matter.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are creating your reality as well as your future!

Isn’t that the BEST news ever? That means YOU are responsible for creating your reality and YOU can create anything and everything YOU desire. If you want an #upgrade in 2017, just DECIDE to ask for more!

Now is the time to:

  • Decide to Ask for More
  • Vision broader
  • Believe stronger 
  • Focus deeper
  • Intensify your gratitude
  • Start new habits that serve
  • Uplevel your normal
  • Be unapologetic about who YOU ARE

It’s also a time to:

  • Cut ALL the crap that does not serve you (habits, foods, material stuff, beliefs and peeps) 
  • Stop the habits that your intuition is guiding you to release (you can do it) 
  • Let go of foods that make you sick and fat
  • Declutter your environment (home, office, car, purse, clothes, closets)
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are not affirming what you actually DO WANT
  • Release or restructure relationships that drain you (BE HONEST)

We as a collective are dreaming a new earth.

It feels SO GOOD to create your reality!!

Reply back to this email and let me know what you are claiming in 2017!

Let’s do it together. 🙂



P.S. I’m right there with you! I released the habit of drinking bullet proof coffee last week after my intuition was telling me to STOP for weeks. It takes courage to let stuff go but it’s so worth it!

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My most defining moment of 2017 + the results

December 8th, 2016 | no comments

You gotta love December, right? It’s the most magical time of the year to reflect on the lessons and learning of 2016 as you prepare for 2017.

As I’ve done my personal review I thought you’d be interested in hearing about my most defining moment of 2017.

I recommend you do a review yourself

One hot summer day while the sun was roaring in Leo, I had a “come to Jesus” moment. And maybe I have had these moments before but it hit me again like a Mac truck in the middle of the night.

I realized that “YES” I am responsible for my results.

I am responsible for my retirement, my kids college funds and for all of the goals I journal about every day and that are plastered all over my vision board.

You see for years, I have frequently bounced between two zones #1) that I will be saved by an inheritance and #2) resentment that I am the “kale winner” of my family.

Vacillating between victim and martyr consciousness and thus feeling on one hand that I was waiting to be saved and on the other hand mad that I had to “do it all”.

Where are you stuck?

What is blocking you from getting more in your power and moving further to your dreams?

That hot August day, I got “into reality”. I faced the truth that I am responsible and I got the f’ over myself.

Since I took my power back and stopped playing the drama of being a victim and a martyr:

  • I’ve increased my income by 30% from 2015
  • I have paid off multiple 5 figures in business debt that I’d been holding onto for years on 0% credit cards
  • I’ve consistently gotten up at least 1 hour before the rest of my family in the morning to journal, vision and work on my business every day
  • I’ve ordered prepped meals from “Sun Basket” so that my family and I are enjoying delicious divine unique home cooked family meals together
  • My soul man Johnn and I have attended two 3 day workshops together to work on our marriage, romance and connection.
  • We’re prioritizing our togetherness and our touching, talking and connecting more daily and with weekly dates
  • I’ve prioritized my yoga, biking and hiking workouts. And have added up to 50 squats a day + 50 sit ups a day to my routine.
  • I have a set bed time
  • I don’t eat 3 hours before bed
  • I sage and write in my gratitude journal every night
  • I’ve had healthier boundaries in my business and am no longer available to take on other peoples stuff that is not mine
  • I’ve also grown a ton closer to Father/Mother God and feel completely supported, heard, held and loved by the Divine. This is massive for me.
  • I no longer place MY VALUE on the amount of money I make or do not make. My value is not determined by money. HUGE!!



I’m sharing all of this with you because if you’re playing the victim, martyr or the accuser game anywhere in your business or life, you’re stuck in the drama and it’s COSTING you BIG time.

It’s as easy as flipping the switch and getting into reality with where you are compared to where you want to be.

Nothing in life is handed to us on a silver platter, you have to take responsibility, focus your mind and intentionally take action towards the business and life you want.

If I can do this, so can you.

Just decide to be done with the old and make a powerful decision to take action.



P.S. Later on this month, I’ll be sharing a way in which I’ll be working with clients in early 2017 to help them build their businesses from the ground up.

If you’re ready to take action now about tripling your income and transforming your business in 2017, I’d love to help.

Fill out this quick application now and we’ll get on the phone and I’ll show you how you can triple your income in 2017.

Facebook Livestream Day 5

August 22nd, 2016 | no comments

Day 5: I’ll take you through the exact money core work I do every day (I’m going to show you what I carry in my purse to attract money into my business etc)

Day 5: I’ll take you through the exact money core work I do every day (I’m going to show you what I carry in my purse to attract money into my business etc)

Posted by Amanda Moxley on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Find out more —-> BE VISIBLE MAKE BANK

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Facebook Livestream Day 1

August 17th, 2016 | no comments

Day 1: What you need to change both strategically and internally to become the woman who receives 10k, 20k, 50K and 80k months.

What you need to change both strategically and internally to become the woman who receives 10k, 20k, 50k and 80k months in her business

Posted by Amanda Moxley on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Find out more —-> BE VISIBLE MAKE BANK

Or join me this October for 3 powerful days to GET YOUR NEXT 12 CLIENTS in 90 days of LESS


August 11th, 2016 | no comments

When I look back over the years of all of the amazing clients I have been honored to serve, I see that they came to me after hearing me, seeing me, feeling me and connecting with me in some way.

Because as I like to lovingly joke “to know me, is to love me.” Sounds a little cocky but the truth is I LOVE people. I love getting to know people, asking questions and connecting with them. I’ve been doing it my entire life. People feel safe with me.

You have a special spark. A special beautiful sauce that no one else on the planet has. And I want to encourage you to multiply your reach this month. How can you reach more people? How can you help more people? How can you connect with more people? How can you share more and make a bigger impact on the planet?

With every encounter, you are planting a seed that will come to harvest at the right time.

Thinking back to my first ever 10k in full coaching client. I met her in 2009 at a PR workshop. We stayed in touch through my newsletter and social media over the years while I was sky rocketing my business.

Fast forward 3 years, when I rolled out my first ever business coaching program, she was one of the first to hire me to coach her at that level. We continued our relationship over the years since and she’s referred her friends to hire me since then. It started by showing up and then cultivating the relationship and me walking my talk. You can do this too.

Everything you do is impacting your business and your financial abundance.

Here are 15 ways to share more to prosper

1. Get massive clarity on your message. Who are you? What do you do? How do you help? What problems do you solve for your ideal clients? Nail this down because if you don’t you’ll have a hard time impacting your tribe and making a difference if they can’t hear you, understand you and feel that you know their pain and you are the ONE to solve it!

2. Show up everywhere your ideal clients are. Chances are your ideal clients hang out at the same places you already do, because she is a version of you. Get out of your house and go to events and other fun networking places.

3. Dress for success. Put your best foot forward and show up and shine. I scored one of my very first clients back in 2005 while walking across the street from Bikram yoga to Whole Foods. She stopped me and said “you look healthy.” I said, “I am, how can I help?” We met the next day for a strategy session and she became a client!

4. Clearly define your goal. How many clients do you want and by when and what times and days can you meet with them? Vibe that GOAL and focus on it until you reach it. Don’t look left or right!
5. Cultivate the habit of writing a valuable content rich blog article 3-5 times per week. Then circulate the article around social media, your blog, newsletter, pitch it to the media, etc.

6. Challenge yourself to do 1 Facebook live stream every day for 30 days. I’m doing this myself right now. Showing up and sharing your message LIVE everyday will strengthen your voice. My clients are doing this now and I love hearing their voices and messages grow stronger every day. You can boost your post on your Facebook business page for $20 a day and reach more people! Get it out there. Then upload it to your blog and tell your whole list and community that you are live streaming.

7. Update your bio. Have it reflect your expert status, add a little humor, make it you and showcase your story and message!

8. Introduce yourself in Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out. Again, showcase your expertise, make it a little funny, warm and real to read. Add a beautiful photo of you that conveys the FEELING you want your ideal clients and tribe to feel when they see you.

9. Create strategic alliances and partnerships with women who share your target market. For example, if you’re a health coach form an alliance with a dating/ relationship coach. You can even partner with someone in your industry who shares your target market. Be creative. I think this is one of the best ways to reach more people. You can leverage other people’s audiences. They trust their tribe leader are happy she connected them to you and vice versa.

10. Speak on stages! This will automatically LIFT you up to expert status. It’s psychological. Sharing your message in front of dozens and hundreds and thousands of people will help you position yourself as an authority. And you will feel seen and heard BIG time. You will be able to connect deeply with your audience through emotion and love as you share your message and impact lives.

(BTW I am hosting my next event in October and I have 2 spots available for 2 special women who want to SHOW UP & SHINE on stage! Let me know if that’s you! Get more info here —->

11. Host your own retreats, workshops and events. Hello! This is so much FUN. You can bond with your tribe and make bank all while sharing YOUR gifts, your message and service.

12. Share your message on your own radio show every week. Host a weekly call for your tribe and invite new peeps in weekly. This gives tons of value, connection and a chance for folks to get to know you, like and trust you even more. You can turn this into a weekly podcast on ITunes and broaden your reach as well.

13. Share your heart and real life experiences. Show the woman behind the business. Who are you? Share your hobbies, passions and lifestyle consistently.

14. Pitch yourself to the media. They are starving for good material and experts who will show up, share and shine. Cool story, I started on 1 TV station and the competing station saw me and called me up and asked if I would come on their station. I can’t say I got any clients from being on TV but it is cool to say you have been a featured expert guest on TV and for your friends and family to watch. Plus you can put the segment on your blog and share on social media doing so automatically lifts you to expert status in the mind of your tribe.

15. Create an irresistible HOT as F’ free gift that people would pay money for in exchange for. Make sure it’s packed with valuable content, your bio, some success stories and weave YOUR message throughout it. Use this as a lead magnet and then cultivate relationships with your leads. 🙂

GO forth and PROSPER!



P.S. I’m committed to the core to help my peeps so I got to thinking how can I help women practically change their business overnight?

So here’s what I came up with: it’s called SHOW UP & SHINE.
It’s an exclusive VIP opportunity to work with me privately as I coach YOU through my 4 week GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK class AND then you get to SPEAK on my stage at my October 3 day EVENT and leverage my business, my network and my community (11 years in the making) to help you quantum leap your exposure and instantly position yourself as the expert you are.

It’s a massive opportunity for the right woman. Check it out here.

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This video made her weep (important)

July 21st, 2016 | no comments


Well I’ve been sitting on this one long enough! It’s time to share. My friends have said that this video made them weep, others said it was the best video they’ve watched and others have shared that this video will change the way we do business.

So here it is..

Breakthrough video

This is the most real/authentic vulnerable/ from the heart video I’ve ever made.

(how I’ve done it) I’ve built a successful multiple 6 figure coaching biz working 18 hours a week doing what I love and 3 ways you can do it too.

Thanks for watching and sharing!



P.S. I can’t wait to hear from you after you watch the video! XO

My best program 50% off… (Exclusive opportunity)

May 25th, 2016 | no comments


I’m so excited to share this with you!

Here’s where you can  join a life changing 12 week Biz Training Program on how to Create a Biz that’s Profitable, Portable & Playful as part of a RARE Memorial Day Special Thank You Treat for HALF OFF.

My Healthy Wealthy Biz School is a jam-packed 90-day program where I’ll teach you the nuts and bolts- how to’s and strategies on how to create a playful, profitable and portable six-figure business.So by Fall 2016, you may not even recognize your life or your bank account!

It’s time you got access to the same tools I use every day to help my clients leap to success – often from just starting out to making hundreds of thousands of dollars in as little as a few months! You can read their success stories here.

You’ll also receive these juicy bonuses plus a bunch more!

  • Two FREE Tickets to my next 3 day event where you get to be with me LIVE and in person for 3 High-Energy, Content-Packed days of AWESOME entrepreneurial training and IMMERSION into creating your successful business. Last month October 60 women travelled from all over the world and invested to be there – but YOU and a lucky friend get in free. (Value: $2,997)

  • 1 30-minute laser coaching (Value: $2,000)


But ONLY if you jump into Healthy Wealthy Biz School enrollment at half-off by midnight May 31st, 2016

Here’s where you can  join a life changing 12 week Biz Training Program on how to Create a Biz that’s Profitable, Portable & Playful as part of a RARE Memorial Day Special Thank You Treat for HALF OFF.

I know…it’s a crazy good deal! I just want to make it SO easy for you to get my coaching to rock your biz in 2016!



P.S. Remember, all good things come to an end and so does this special. On Tuesday May 31st at midnight Eastern time, the 50% savings will expire and the deal will disappear. Here’s the link (make sure to watch the video which explains it all!) Act now!