Crazy-Simple, Road-Tested Money-Making Tips to pop yo’ Biz to 6 figures and beyond!

How to get paid for being you

You know that story? The one about something messy you’ve gone through in your life or business… The one you think doesn’t matter… …or that makes you look totally uncool or weird… …the one you hope NOBODY EVERfinds out..? Yeah, THAT story. Guess what? It’s exactly...

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I am so happy right now.

I’m so happy right now. My family and I are in a massive and EPIC Awakening… I love Waldorf education and the emphasis on creating daily rhythms for kids and family. We created “healthy habits” charts for us and the kids (because what you track expands and gets...

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Thinking of you during the eclipse 🙂

  Today’s a big day, no doubt you feel it. I was thinking about you and felt inspired to write and share with you because today is a BIG day! Johnn and I decided to go within today and meditate and pray and be quiet. I tend to shy away from anything that big masses of...

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