Crazy-Simple, Road-Tested Money-Making Tips to pop yo’ Biz to 6 figures and beyond!

Is your biggest roadblock PRIDE or FEAR?

If you’re reading this, you already know that I am 100% convinced that YOU have an amazing story inside you, that is GOLD. A story that only you can tell, and a signature program and talk that only you could deliver… and that your perfect soulmate clients are just...

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Want a biz and vibe boost from me every week?

  I am SO excited to announce my new weekly show on FB Live! (It’s happening in our group, so if you’re not a member, go here NOW!) We’ll be going live every week with some new tips, strategies for speaking, niche clarity, sales, signature systems and especially some...

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Here’s my magic 8-step manifestation process!

I know all this manifesting stuff can sound a little “woo-woo.” And I won’t lie, there is a BIG spiritual component. But at the same time, there are a few practical things you need to know: First:  while it can look like magic, it’s a process, like any other process....

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The TRUTH about manifesting!

Ever since The Secret, manifesting has gotten totally misrepresented. Watching that movie, you’d think that ALL you had to do was just imagine and believe you could have what you wanted, and POOF! You’d instantly get it. Naturally a lot of people were a little...

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Good things come to those who…settle?

It absolutely kills me. Every day I see heart-centered women entrepreneurs working their butts off, and only receiving the crumbs of life.  “No one I know would ever pay THAT much…” “The only clients I find are the ones who can’t afford me…” “I have to work this hard,...

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20 tips that make you look like a pro speaker ASAP!

When I first talk to my clients and students about speaking on stage for their business, some of them freeze in complete and utter terror. “But...I’m not a professional speaker, Amanda!  Ok, it’s true, some people DO train for years to give paid keynotes at corporate...

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The secret to getting the high-end clients

There’s a myth that almost all coaches and consultants fall into. (I did!) It’s the one that says that it’s easier to sell lower-priced programs than the high-ticket ones. That you need to peddle $97 to $997 products for years and then maybe, if you’re “ready” you...

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Clients come running when you do YOU!

When I got started as an entrepreneur, one of my biggest frustrations with coaches was that they wanted to put me in a box. I was a health coach, so I was supposed to talk about certain things and not about others, like spirituality or wealth. Then when I shifted into...

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Your fortune is in what you can’t see!

I was just adding up all I’ve invested in mentorship and coaching over the years. Let me tell you, it’s been pretty significant! Every year since 2011, I’ve put at least $20,000 into getting the mentorship I needed. One year, I invested $100k (yes!! True!) Was it...

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