Here’s how a fun and easy 21 day Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse can make you feel 10 years younger, help you lose weight naturally, give you abundant energy and make you look and feel better than you have in years!

I am no longer offering this course LIVE, but if you’ve wanted to participate in the cleanse but never had a chance, you can do it using my specially prepared home-study course that includes lectures and guidebooks. It’s YOUR TIME!

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Have you?

  • Felt your body was toxic and not known how to get rid of the toxicity?
  • Searched for the perfect diet but haven’t found it yet?
  • Felt overweight, bloated, tired, low energy and stressed?
  • Felt bad and unattractive when you look in the mirror?
  • Felt that your clothes don’t look good or feel good?

amanda-150From: Amanda Moxley, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tuesday, 12:30 P.M.

If so, I totally understand. Up until a few years ago, I felt the same way but I learned how to cleanse, rejuvenate and balance myself and now I feel radiantly healthy, energized, alive and living my soul’s purpose and passion. In this 21-Day Program, I will personally guide you through a powerful yet gentle cleansing journey that will transform the way you experience food and the way you see yourself.

I can show you how to lose weight and increase your energy the natural way with none of those hard-to-do diets or unhealthy pills.

I got tired of seeing all those Hollywood stars doing cleanses the unhealthy way and I thought, “They’re going to kill themselves! There’s such an easier way to cleanse that is natural and goes with the natural flow of your body…and you can still lose weight and feel great.”

Here is what you can expect when you go on my 21 day cleanse

Week 1: Creating Sacred Space to Manifest the Body of Your Dreams

You will:

  • Learn what foods are stopping you from having a vibrant healthy life and what you need to start eating now.
  • Receive a step- by -step cleanse checklist and action plan to ensure you have the best cleanse experience ever
  • Learn the 7 crucial action steps you must take in order to have a successful cleanse.
  • Learn the # 1 most important thing you must AVOID doing if you want to succeed in your cleanse
  • I’ll guide you how to set up your cleanse Body, Mind and Spirit journal with my specialized journal format
  • Get 23 of my favorite recipes of all time!

 angela-johnson“My experience doing the cleanse with Amanda opened my eyes to the attachments I have to food and a path to create new, healthier habits with my relationship with food.”

“Another huge aspect of doing this cleanse with the group was the terrific support from–we shared ideas, recipes, challenges and successes. It was so great to listen to others experiences on our weekly calls-the ideas and things that came up for the group made me feel supported and loved in this experience.”

— Angela Johnson
Biz Divas CEO & Co-Founder
Illuminated Woman CEO & Founder
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Week 2: Nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit so that you can Be a Channel for Your Life’s Purpose and Passion

You will:

  • Receive expertise of how to maximize nourishing yourself while going through the cleansing process. Some people can’t make it past a certain day because they go at it the wrong way. You will have support, guidance and community to finish confidently. You will not be alone!
  • Receive a master specialized list of what you need for your pantry
  • Learn good vs. bad cravings and how to eliminate food addictions
  • Get 22 of my secret most powerful tips to help you eliminate emotional eating forever
  • Learn why having awareness of the energy centers in your body will transform your energy and kick start your new body and life
  • Receive 12 more easy delicious recipes to increase your energy and cleanse your body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn the #1 most important action step you must take to nourish your spirit so that you can be a channel for your life’s purpose and passion

Mercedes-Marston_LG“I can not believe the effects this cleanse has had on my body. We are only two weeks in and I have already seen drastic results.”

“Aside from losing ten pounds, my mental, emotional, and overall wellbeing has never been better. I wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day without having to reach for the coffee and it stays with me the whole day. At first I thought that I would not find much to eat and be starving the whole time, but I have yet to be hungry.”

“I have enjoyed all the organic fruits and vegetables I have been munching on and I have found new recipes and new foods that I never thought I would enjoy. As far as cravings go, I do not miss coffee and other food cravings have passed simply because my body has let go of all the processed foods, so I don’t want them. I feel wonderful and I never imagined it would be so easy!!!”

— Mercedes Marston
Social Worker
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Week 3: Reprogram Your Mind in order to Manifest the Body of Your Dreams

You will:

  • Learn my 3 step secret personalized process for manifesting your dream body
  • Learn the top10 best Super Foods you must be eating to saturate your cells with essential and often missing micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • Learn how to reprogram your mind in order to manifest the body of your dreams
  • Discover which foods lower your vibration and more importantly which foods raise your vibration to tap into infinite energy, peace and total body confidence
  • Get 10 more of my favorite radiantly delicious and nutritious recipes to revitalize, reenergize and recharge your mind, body and spirit
  • Learn the 2 most important foods you most consume daily if you want radiantly beautiful skin, hair and nails.

By now your body temple will feel cleaner and freer and you will be inspired to clear away clutter in your home environment. 95% of your food this week will be delicious, nutritious alive whole food. You will be very aware of which foods raise your vibration and how to avoid foods that keep you down. You will love the amazing community and all of the support of the other people on the same journey as you are.

jordan-murphy“Amanda’s Cleanse was different than any other cleanse because for the first it was more than just changing and restricting my diet for a period of time.”

“This time, I was much more mentally connected to what I was doing as I was shopping, preparing, and eating food. I slowed down, sat down, and really focused on feeling gratitude about my food. I have been continuing this practice and it feels really good. It automatically helps me to make smart choices as to what I am going to eat when I am really mentally connected to the whole experience of it. Thank you Amanda!”

— Jordan Murphree
Bikram Yoga Teacher
Nederland, Colorado USA

Week 4: Celebrate, Radiate and Thrive!

You will:

  • Create your personalized “Yum Diet”
  • Learn how to eat during social situations and while traveling.
  • Have unwavering confidence in knowing which foods make you feel radiantly alive, energized and free!
  • Experience an amazing amount of energy and gratitude for your body and life.
  • Be tapped into Universal energy where all of life comes to you easily, peacefully and joyfully

Sandra-Mederos_LG“The cleansing program with Amanda was amazing. I have done plenty of cleanses, nutritional cleanses and fasts in the past. None of them have been as effective as this past month.”

“The design of this program is fool proof. I am not the most disciplined person in the world and as hard as I tried… I always struggled with any cleansing program I started. The synergy of the group, one-on-one counseling and loving guidance really made a difference this time around.”

“All my life I’ve had “problem-sensitive” skin and dealt with horrible break-outs and the face of a teenager in my mid 20’s. Just two weeks into the cleanse I felt such a difference! My physical body was lighter than ever, my emotional body more stable and accepting and my skin… wow! I had never ever received a compliment on what “radiant and beautiful skin” I have. Now I hear it all the time! It’s a pleasure to walk out there into the world feeling great, stepping lighter and being able to genuinely smile and be confident in one’s own skin.”

“The wonderful thing is that the tools that Amanda provides are not a one-time-thing. They become resources that one can tap into anytime in need. And that… is so valuable!”

“Thank you for all your love and light Amanda!”

— Sandra Mederos
Holistic Health Counselor
Washington, DC USA

How will this 21 Day Cleanse be facilitated?

The Cleanse Home Study course is a workbook and lecture series that you can follow on your own schedule.

andrea-bernstein“My deepest gratitude for your nurturing support and incredible guidance through the cleanse. Your whole being approach awakened an understanding in me like never before.More than cleansing the physical body, you have reminded me how important it is to shed my old limiting beliefs and emotional baggage; to nurture myself and focus on living fully, in every aspect of my life.I now realize that nourishment comes from more than just the food I eat; it is in my relationships, my work and how I care for myself, both physically and spiritually. You are an incredible light! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me to shed more than pounds.”

— Andrea Bernstein
Yoga Teacher and Shaman Healer
Salt Lake City, Utah USA


John-Thackery_LG“In regard to the cleanse I just completed, I had to travel almost ½ of the time during the cleanse. And, yet I took away great information including types of foods to eat and to stay away from, how to eliminate cravings in my life (which is a huge problem for me), how to deal with post 7:00 pm feedings, eating while traveling and a host of other everyday practical issues.”

“I also lost weight which was a nice by-product of all of the information I received. With all of the information she disseminated and her supportive approach, her cleanse was indeed a bargain that everyone should try.”

— John Thackery
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Listen to this FREE Audio now and learn how the 21 Day Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse can help you!

amandapicMy Personal “Make-You-Happy” Guarantee!

All of my programs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If, after the first weekly call you feel the 21 day Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse program is not the right fit for you, you get 100% of your money back and we part as friends. It’s not a problem. After that first call you’re in for a thrilling ride. You’ll walk away with more clarity and specialized strategies for your health goals than you can even imagine right now.

All of my programs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Your Body Transformation Coach,
Amanda Moxley
Body and Soul Coach

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